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RECOGNITION: To Recognize all Kickboxers, Trainers, Promoters, Officials and Sponsors who assist in promoting the Sport of Kickboxing.
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This Page Includes IKF News for December, 2004


WEDNESDAY, December 22nd, 2004, AT 5:55 PM, PT

A. K. Promotions to Host
World Title Fight!

Roseville, California, USA: When opportunity the door! That's exactly what promoter Johnny Davis did when the opportunity came across his desk to promote an IKF Amateur World Title fight. Although its for an amateur title (Not to downplay the amateur division of course), its a step in the right direction for Davis who is passionate about growing the sport of Kickboxing.

In fact, at press time, Davis was delighted that IKF President Steve Fossum along with the IKF Title Board agreed to sanction the match-up between 2004 IKF/TKO FCR North American and IKF West Coast Super Middleweight Champion Mike Morello (Right) of Santa Barbara, California and 2002 IKF FCR North American Champion and "FOUR" time IKF National Champion Anthony McGaughey (Left, 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003) of Norman Oklahoma.

The tentative location for the event is the beautiful Lord's Arena in Roseville, California. "This will be a great fight" says Davis! Both men have proven that they are talented and deserving. Both men are hungry to become a world champion. Anthony's outstanding record of 26-1-1, with 16 wins by KO/TKO's, is evident that he has 'mad skills' and is able to handle himself well.

Although Morello's record is not as extensive (8-5-1/2), what he can be proud of is that he has done well under Full Contact Rules where he has made his mark. Although he won his IKF West Coast title under International Rules, his best style is Full Contact. He proved this to to his peers at the 2004 IKF/TKO North American Championship Tournament back in August. "His record is deceiving and his skill level is much better than the numbers."" Davis adds.

Both men have good boxing and kicking skills which will make for a well rounded bout. Davis' AK Promotions promotes all rule styles sanctioned by the IKF but Davis is especially looking forward to this bout which will be fought under Full Contact - American Kickboxing rules (All kicks above the waist). This one is special to Davis since he won both his World titles in this rule style. "I personally think this fight will be a good one for American Kickboxing." Any way, you put it, it will be a great night with an exciting under card of local fighters.

Of course, Davis (Right) is not waiting on the April 9th event as he will warm things up February 12th, 2005 with another exciting edition of IKF Triple F Kickboxing in Roseville. This event is part of a doubleheader starting with an IKF Point Kickboxing tournament earlier that same day. Davis continues, "I would also like to say thanks to the assistance in bringing this fight together from a Digital Exposure Corporation." Look for more information to come on the February IKF doubleheader and the April IKF Amateur World Title Fight...or contact AK Promotions at (916) 780-7483 or by email or go to


SATURDAY, December 18th, 2004, AT 11:00 PM, PT

On Florida Event!

IKF Headquarters: It takes some guts and discipline to do what IKF Florida Representative Lee Barden (Right) did tonight, and according to IKF President Steve Fossum, he hopes all IKF Representatives will do the same thing when faced with what he was. Barden was the appointed IKF Event Representative for Dieuseul Berto's (Tiger's World of Martial Arts) CHRISTMAS NIGHTMARE kickboxing event that was tonight at the Orange Dome in Winter Haven, Florida, USA. When Barden arrived he did a check of the officials where he and his assistant discovered that Berto's doctor was not an MD (Medical Doctor). "He was telling us he was an MD but had no ID to prove so to show us." Said Barden. "He didn't even have any ringside medical equipment."

Upon the discovery Barden informed Berto that the IKF will not sanction his event unless he has a ringside MD. Berto informed Barden that his doctor was coming but was late. With this being known, Barden allowed the event to be delayed hoping the MD would show up. However as time went by, no MD showed up. After a long wait, Barden made the official decision to pull the IKF Sanction from the event. At this time Barden informed the other event officials and informed the person claiming to be an MD that he would be liable if anyone was injured if Berto went ahead with the event after he left. Once informed of the situation the event referee, Andy, who's last name was not available at press time, made the decision to pull off the event too. "I'm a police officer and I'm not going to be involved in an illegal, un-sanctioned event" said Andy.

Barden made his necessary announcements to those involved in the event as well as informing Berto that he would be operating an illegal event if he went ahead with it. "Lee did the right thing." Said Fossum. (Right) "It takes a strong person to do as he did which was 'The right thing to do', I hope all IKF Representatives learn from his strength of decision." But Berto, as any promoter might be, was more concerned with the money he would lose and the actions of the crowd if he cancelled his event. Sadly for those involved, Berto went ahead with his event, without an MD at ringside, an official referee and without any official sanctioning. It was not even confirmed if any of the fighters received a pre-fight physical since they were all waiting for the MD to arrive and do so.

What will come of Berto come this Monday will be interesting. Hindsight by then will tell him that he should have cancelled the event. But it's too late for that now. Berto faces several possible issues from the Florida State Boxing Commission which could be possible fines as well as possibly criminal charges since what he did was illegal. "It's too bad he was faced with such a decision." Said IKF President Steve Fossum via phone tonight. He continued, "We want to believe that the truth is that the scheduled MD is who let him down, but I don't know of how we can defend him for going ahead with his event. As we said with Colorado Promoter Keith Schmelzer back in October of this year who made a major mental mistake, once it happens, you can't change it. How do you unring a bell... You can't."

As some may remember, Smeltzer was the Promoter/Trainer who on his event on October 23rd in Golden, Colorado, USA (Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz) put Amateur fighters Nouton Herr and Travis Sherman in the ring despite being told they could only do an exhibition bout because they had a 10 lb. weight difference. Herr came in at 125 lbs. and Sherman came in at 135 which was 6 lbs. out of the regulated weight spread. When asked to lose weight by IKF Representative Dan Stell (Right) at the weigh-ins, Sherman's trainer, Keith Schmelzer refused, saying his fighter came in at weight while Herr didn't and was suppose to come in at 132. Stell told them the weight spread was out of the regulated weight spread limit of (4 lbs.) but Schmelzer insisted "The bout has to happen because Coor's is my sponsor and they need to see that bout and it's the main event!" Still, Stell insisted there was no way the bout could take place with such a spread. Wondering how he could assist Schmelzer, Stell called IKF President Steve Fossum on the phone. Both Fossum and Stell assured Schmelzer the bout could not take place due to the weight spread however they gave Schmelzer approval for the two fighters to do only a Light Contact "Exhibition" bout. Schmelzer promised both Fossum and Stell he would do just that. That night, after the end of the IKF Sanctioned kickboxing bouts, Stell was told that some amateur MMA bouts (Not sanctioned by the IKF or officially by the ISCF either.) were going to happen and the exhibition would be last on the night so he stepped away from ringside to go to his hotel room upstairs in the hotel where the event was taking place.

However while away, Smeltzer and his partner, Vic Brabo brought Herr and Sherman into the ring to fight without Stell at ringside. Without Stell there, the two fought an actual REAL bout, and worse yet, without headgear, a mandatory requirement for all IKF sanctioned amateur bouts. Adding more to it, the bout was for one of Schmelzer's own "Rocky Mountain Titles". The bout ended quickly in round 1 with Sherman kneeing Herr in the HEAD "TWICE" in an International Rules bout (NO Knees - Still, knees to the head are not legal in amateur competition.). Before Stell returned to the ring, Schmelzer's fighter was awarded his Title Belt and took photos with Schmelzer, even though he fouled Herr to end the bout...

Stell found out the bout had happened as he was walking back to the ring and met Herr and his trainer half way with Herr's head bleeding from the knees he took. The investigation that followed was even worse as the weeks went by. "I will go on record saying Smeltzer has flat out lied to us in nearly every conversation we have had since the incident." Said Fossum. "We have 4 recorded messages of him saying he was sending us a video of the bout, yet till this day, (December 18th) we still have no video of it. We have spoke to several witnesses of the event and the bout in question and the facts of what they saw speak for themselves. Smeltzer thought he could just do what he wanted to, and was caught breaking the rules."

Smeltzer is not the only promoter in Colorado with a red mark by his name. Former IKF promoter Sven Bean also allowed fighters on his IKF Sanctioned event this year to fight without headgear. "We found out about this after the Smeltzer event and of course, it didn't go over well with us." Said Fossum. What was worse, Bean acted as if he did no wrong. In his defense, he just told Fossum, "Well none of the promoters in Colorado want to see headgear, and the fighters don't want to wear it either." Bean also sanctions with the ISKA and will probably end up doing all his future events with them since the IKF made it clear that headgear is mandatory in all IKF Sanctioned amateur events. However, what may surprise many is that the official ISKA rules not only say that headgear is mandatory for all their amateur sanctioned bouts too, they also say they will usually be sanctioned under Full Contact and Freestyle rules only. And, that amateurs are also required to wear shinguards and foot pads. The actual wording to the ISKA Rule reads:

Amateur matches will usually be sanctioned under Full Contact and Freestyle rules only. All amateur fighters are required to wear approved headguards, shinguards and foot pads, in addition to standard equipment.
Smeltzer was eventually fined by the IKF. The IKF determined the fine by consulting with various athletic commissions who made their suggestions of the amount and other disciplines they would take. A fine that Smeltzer has simply ignored, which was no surprise to the IKF. "I'm sure he will just sanction with someone else." Said Fossum. "There's no discipline in order among the state commissions and other sanctioning bodies. It's too bad others don't uphold the same discipline as we have handed down. Especially when this was a safety issue and not some petty thing. We feel this because Smeltzer has refused to return the last 7 phone messages we have left for him."

Since the IKF and ISKA are the only State approved sanctioning bodies for amateur kickboxing in Colorado, if ISKA accepts his sanctioning fee he will just do as he pleases for his next event. "The rules and regulations of the sport need to be upheld." Said Fossum. "If not, what need is there for sanctioning?" A simple answer is available for that one. Just look at Berto's event in Florida. In the state of Florida, the same issue is at hand. The IKF and ISKA are the only State approved sanctioning bodies for amateur kickboxing in Florida, so if the State of Florida allows him to promote again, he would face a fine by the IKF. To dodge that fine, he may just choose to sanction his events with ISKA, who apparently will allow him to not force his amateur fighters to fight without headgear. This seems to be an issue with the Florida Commission though who have said "The ISKA Does enforce the headgear rule for amateurs... at least in Florida..."

However, the truth is, ISKA does not uphold this rule on any shows we know of. Obviously not in Colorado, not in California, Nevada, Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia and wherever else they sanction amateur events. So why have such a rule if you are not going to enforce it? Good question...

The actions of Berto tonight along with those of Keith Smeltzer and even Sven Bean are actions that will bring negative attention to our sport. For those in Colorado or now Florida thinking this is just an IKF issue think again. Their actions may bring harm to ALL Amateur fight sports in their state. If rules cannot be followed by promoters and enforcement of such rules are ignored by a promoter, the State may decide to take over all amateur fight sports as they do in California. We informed you readers about this back in October, but so you can fully understand the potential negative impacts AGAIN, we will inform you again here.

Here is what it takes to be an amateur fight promoter in the state of California and you decide if you have it good in states outside of California...

First, "IF" you are accepted as a Promoter (After a full background/credit check) the State charges you a promoters fee of around $100 - $250 per year.
Next there is the expense of your promoters bond. For an amateur promoter this fee is around $2,500.00. For a pro promoter this fee is $20,000.00
When your event is over, now you have more checks to write. You will need to write the state a check for $500.00 for your event tax fee for amateur events or 5% of your gross gate, whichever is greater. For pros, its a fee of $1,000.00 or 5% of your gross gate, whichever is greater.
They regulate all officials fees which can cost the promoter another $500 to even $1,000.00 plus for amateur events (Since fees are based upon gate receipts and mileage is also charged) to well over $2,500.00 for pro events.
Don't forget the California state requirement for fighter medical insurance which is $50,000 per fighter (as compared to $2,500 from the IKF). Going by the regulated scale, this is an expense of between $950 and $4,250.00, depending on what deductible you choose ($500 or $5,000.00).
Where Do The Fighters Play Into This? With a high cost of promoting, there would be far less events. Far less events mean far less opportunities for fighters. Sure it's true that without fighters there would be no events. However, without promoters, GOOD Promoters, there would be no event to fight on either.
So did you do the math? If you are an amateur promoter (We won't bother with the pro promoter fees) in the State of California, expect to pay out between $4,600.00 and $7,800.00 on each of your amateur events, just to the commission and insurance company. That's enough to discourage any promoter because other fees of course include, fighter travel fees, hotel rooms, advertising, venue rental, ring rental if you don't have your own and the list goes on and on. Again, this is not just an IKF story here. This is an issue that concerns all of kickboxing, no matter what ABC you attach to it. Those IKF sanction fees don't sound so bad now do they...

Still, there are some promoters who feel the IKF sanction fee of $150 to $300.00 (Depending on when the sanction fee is paid prior to the event) is far too much to pay to have their event sanctioned. But it's not just a choice to have the IKF letters attached to their event. There are many small promoters around the world that would rather not have any sanctioning body at their event, ever. This way, no one is looking over their shoulder to assure things like fighter safety. They no longer need to pay to have an MD at ringside because to them, a chiropractor will be fine. They don't have to worry about headgear because no headgear makes those amateur fights look like pro fights now. Glove sizes? The smaller, the more KO's, and who's checking anyway. Maybe they will just give their fighter some 8 ounce gloves and his opponent some 12's. Who's going to check? And handwraps? Just make a plaster cast, again, who is going to check? They don't have to worry about weight spreads because to them, "A fight is just a fight and who cares about a 20 lb spread?" Again, who would question it? Heck, knowing all this, who made up this silly idea of Sanctioning Bodies in the first place..."


WEDNESDAY, December 15th, 2004, AT 3:50 PM, PT

Sarah Ross
Is Featured Athlete In
Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine
"Faces in the Crowd"

If you get a chance, pick up the December issue of the Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine and turn to the section called "Faces in the Crowd". There you will see Multi time IKF Junior Amateur Kickboxing Champion Sara Ross featured for her Kickboxing accomplishments. The magazine in available on newsstands now.

Ross is trained by IKF Hall of Fame Trainer Rob Zbilski (Left) of Lake In The Hills Illinois. Ross is also from Lake In The Hills, Illinois, USA and has a "PERFECT" kickboxing record of 12 wins and NO loses. The 14 year old won this years 2004 IKF/TKO North American Classic Tournament Title in Orlando Florida in the Junior Amateur, Super Lightweight Division (132.1 lbs. - 137 lbs.) for ages 13 to 17 when she defeated Megan Kelly of North Bay, Ontario, Canada by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27 & 30-27.

However winning Tournaments is nothing new for Ross. To date, she has won a total of 3 other IKF Championship Tournaments. At the 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA Ross won the Flyweight (115.1-120 lbs. 12 & 13 Year Olds) title when she defeated Laura Jo Wessels of Beloit, Wisconsin, USA by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

At the 2002 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament in Davenport, Iowa, USA she defeated the 2001 Junior Light Heavyweight Champion Brittany Anic of Pacific, Missouri, USA by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards to win the Light Atomweight (100.1-105 lbs. - 11-12 Year Olds) Title.

For more info about Sarah you can contact her trainer Rob Zbilski at Z's Martial Arts in Lake In The Hills Illinois at (847) 669-7833 or by e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 12-15-04


Wins By TKO In 5!
Doucet Had The Win - Until Final Round Call...

IKF Montreal, Quebec, Canada: We will have a full report on this later in the week but for you fight fans wanting to know, Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson (186 lbs.) stopped his opponent Eric Boudreau (195 lbs.) in the 5th round. Thompson cut open Boudreau's left eye brow in round 1 with a solid right hand that would have easily ended many opponents. Although Boudreau stayed tough until the 5th, he was never in the bout. Thompson scored with every possible attack from every possible angle. Thompson improves his Pro Kickboxing record to 3-0 with 3 KO/TKO's while Boudreau drops his pro record to 2-1 after his undefeated amateur career of 22-0. Thompson became the first person to beat Boudreau in kickboxing and the first to stop him inside the scheduled rounds of all his bouts.

Also on the card as the nights main event was current IKF North American Super Heavyweight Champion Raoul Doucet of Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada. Doucet was hoping to get back on the winning path in route to a potential IKF World Title rematch with IKF World Champion Mark Selbee of Georgia, USA. However Doucet's opponent, Serge Lafond had other plans for Doucet. From what we know of this bout, Doucet seemed to be winning all the rounds until a questionable call in round 7. With about 20 seconds left Lafond landed a light punch to the side of Doucet's head. The punch made Doucet lean over and he touched his glove to the ring canvas and the referee called it a down and proceeded to give Doucet a standing 8 count. This of course gave Lafond the round which, according to sources, Doucet had been winning up until that point. This seemed to be the difference in the bout as Lafond took a very close split decision win.

IKF Awaits Fight Footage For Official Review

After hearing more about the final round of the Doucet Vs Lafond bout, we here at the IKF would like to see what all transpired in the final round. The questions we have are:

Was the "Down" call and the 8 count justified?
In Kickboxing, a glove that "Touches" the ring floor is not always counted as a "Down" like in Boxing. This is a "Judgement" call that only a "SKILLED" referee can make, experienced in Kickboxing. We have seen California referees that follow more closely to boxing rules make this "MISTAKE" far too often, but when certain referees call it RIGHT, it's usually the State Commission Event Representative that say the referee made a mistake or a bad call. This is usually the case and a call we here at the IKF are SICK OF! These Commission Representatives NEED TO LEARN THE RULES!
How did the Judges Score Round 7?
If Doucet was winning round 7 (The round the called knockdown happened in) and "IF" the 8 count is ruled legit after the IKF reviews the fight footage, the score "SHOULD" have been a 10-9 round for Lafond.
If Doucet and Lafond were even in the round or if Lafond was winning the round, then it should be scored as a 10-8 round in favor of Lafond.
How did the Judges Score Rounds 1-6?
Again, was the 7th round the determining factor in the scoring and outcome of the bout? If so, then the review of the fight footage and the referees call will be extremely important in the final decision of who won this bout.
Look for a full event report later in the week...


TUESDAY, December 14th, 2004, AT 1:30 PM, PT

Makes IKF Canadian Debut
Doucet Featured in Nights
Main Event!
"La renaissance du Kickboxing"
At The Medley In
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

IKF Montreal, Quebec, Canada: It's Official! Tonights "Renaissance Du Kickboxing" at the Medley In Montreal, Quebec, Canada will be an IKF Sanctioned event. Details were just confirmed as of press time today. Making the connection was IKF Canadian Associate Representative Victor Theriault. Theriault negotiated the Canadian professional kickboxing debut for the Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson and was also the force behind getting the event IKF Sanctioned. The promoter of the tonights event, Joe Odman is a new promoter to the IKF in Canada and we welcome him and wish him the best of luck on tonights event.

Thompson will be facing off in the 5 round Semi Main Event against maritimer Eric Boudreau who has a 3-0 professional kickboxing record which followed an undefeated 22-0 amateur record. Also a professional boxer, (5-0) Boudreau is a tremendous test for the young Thompson and was at one time trained by Vic's brother, Jean-Yves Theriault. Thompson has a professional kickboxing record of 2 wins by KO/TKO's and 0 losses, and an amateur fight record of 33 wins and 0 losses with 18 KO/TKO's. Both are expected to put on a spectacular show for the fans in Montreal which have a reputation as some of the best fight fans in the world.

Lets not forget there are 6 more great "PRO" fights on this card though. One in particular will be the The Main event which will be the return of IKF Super Heavyweight North American Champion Raoul Doucet. Doucet of Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada (14-3-1/7, 6'2", 231) will take on Serge Lafond (6'2, 230 lbs.) on his way back to a possible World Title rematch with IKF Super Heavyweight World Champion Mark Selbee of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Lafond is a well known MMA fighter with Muay Thai skills. He has had 2 Kickboxing bouts as a Pro but a load full of Amateur bouts.

The address for the Medley is 1170 St. Denis coin Rene Levesque Est, Montreal, Quebec, Canada General. tickets are General: $35, Parterre: $50, VIP: $75, Table of 4: $400.00. For more info on this event please call (514) 842-6557 or (514) 344-3812 or

MORE NEWS OF 12-14-04

Vic Theriault
Joins APEX as Director of Operations

APEX Entertainment Group Inc. is proud to announce the official appointment of Vic Theriault (Shown at right with the beret hat interviewing Don "The Dragon" Wilson after winning his IKF World Title in 1999) as Director of Operations. Theriault is a veteran promoter who has successfully promoted many of the top kickboxing events in Canada which many included his brother, "The Iceman" Jean-Yves Theriault in competition.

In addition to promoting, Theriault's vast career has included being associate producer, producer, unit manager or operations manager in many productions for networks including Showtime Entertainment Television (SET) payper- view. Theriault's enthusiasm for combat sport is unparalleled and is a tremendous addition to the APEX Entertainment Group family. APEX will continue to promote Mixed- Martial Arts events, but will continue to expand their scope into the sports world. Look for some more announcements about APEX events shortly. APEX would also like to proudly announce that APEX's own Vic Theriault has secured the Canadian promotional rights for Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson


MONDAY, December 13th, 2004, AT 12:30 PM, PT

Turning Pro In 2005

IKF Denver, Colorado, USA: After winning several Amateur Titles (Including 3 IKF National Tournament Titles) woman's fighter Katie Meehan has made the decision to turn Pro. Meehan's debut will be under Pro International Rules Kickboxing where she will face Sher Noah on February 19th, 2005 in Denver, Colorado, USA. She already has plans for her second Pro Kickboxing bout the next month on March 19th in Tampa on Master Merhdad's show. "I know there aren't many pro girls, but with 21 fights, opponents aren't as common. I'm excited!!" Said Meehan.

The 29 year old Meehan will leave the Amateur Ranks where she was the number 1 ranked Bantamweight in both Muay Thai and International rules with a record of 14 wins, 5 loses and 2 draws with 2 wins coming by KO/TKO.

At the 2001 IKF National Amateur Tournament she defeated Tracy Kuschel by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-28 & 30-28 to win the Woman's International Rules Flyweight Title. At the 2002 IKF National Amateur Tournament she successfully defended her 2001 Title by defeating Tamie Lankey of Alexandria, Virginia, USA by unanimous decision 29-27, 29-27 & 30-26.

At the 2003 IKF National Amateur Tournament, Katie came to win the Muay Thai Rules Bantamweight title. However her opponents Alison Moore, (2002 IR Champion) of New York, New York, USA and Alona Kipp of Casper, Wyoming, USA were both no shows at the event. Although not confirmed we believe Williams did not make it because of the massive power outage in the north/east USA and parts of Canada that shut down many airports (Including New York) on the Thursday before the event. Meehan took the title by Walkover Champion and registered her as a 3 time IKF National Amateur Tournament Champion.

We here at the IKF wish Katie the best of luck and we look forward to following her Pro career in both Kickboxing and Boxing.


SUNDAY, December 12th, 2004, AT 6:45 PM, PT

Van Damme Wants To ... Fight?

Here's some news that may make you raise an eyebrow or two. We recently read that the 44-year-old Jean Claude Van Damme has told members of the Pakistan press that he wants to jump into the Kickboxing ring. Many have said that the man who made the word "KICKBOXING" famous with his film "Kickboxer" (Left) has never fought as an actual Kickboxer before while others say he was actually a Belgium Champion. According to sources he was a member of karate Team Belgium, and eventually won the European Professional Karate Association's middleweight championship. However, what we never confirmed was if the title was a "Point Karate" title or a "Kickboxing" title. We have yet to confirm what the real story is. What we can confirm is that whether he fought or not, his movie brought great exposure to the sport itself.

Van Damme told the Realitatea Romanesca newspaper that he was planning to make a return to fight competitions and get this, not just any competition, he wants to win the K-1 World Title. "I am planning to go back to fighting next year when I am 45." Said Van Damme. "I gave up fighting a long time ago because it offers no perspectives and there are people who do not respect their art. But now I want to fight again to prove something to myself. I'd be the first actor to fight in K-1 and also the oldest competitor."

Oldest competitor? Well, maybe in K-1, but not in the sport. Don "The Dragon" Wilson (Right) holds that title having fought last at age 45 on March 17th, 2000 when he defeated Dewey Cooper in Las Vegas, Nevada by a 10 round decision. But lets talk about which Movie Star is The REAL Kickboxing Champion...

Wilson was surly a dominate force in kickboxing as the undisputed world champion, fighting anyone, under any rules, and he defeated the best champions in their own hometowns, while they were in their prime. His impressive career record consists of 71 wins, 5 loses, 2 draws with 47 wins by knockout, and 6 by kick-knockout, and he was also the first kung-fu practitioner to become a World Kickboxing champion. In 1996 he was named the Greatest Competitor of All Time by Kickside magazine of Europe. Wilson won a total of 11 "REAL" Kickboxing "WORLD" Titles in 3 weight divisions.

Wilson fought and beat the best. He was the only person to have defeated former multi time World Champion Dennis Alexio having done so in 1984 on March 29 in Hollywood, Florida with a 12 round decision. Later that same year on December 18th he fought to a controversial draw which many feel he won against another superstar of the sport, "The Iceman", Jean-Yves Theriault in Montreal, Canada. On September 12th in 1987 he knocked out Branimir Cikatic in the 7th round in Orlando Florida. He also defeated Maurice Smith back on May 21, 1984 by decision. At 44 years of age (9-10-54) Wilson won his IKF World Title (Right) on May 15th, 1999 in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA, when he defeated Dick Kimber of Lynn, Massachusetts, USA. At the end of the 3rd round Wilson came alive and exploded with a flurry that eventually knocked Kimber to the floor motionless. Referee Dan Stell counted Kimber out on the floor, a count that went into the round break. Kimber never stood during the count.

There is no question who Wilson is, but we have a better idea. Why not make this a "REAL STAR" Battle? Movie Star Vs Movie Star! Why not match up Wilson and Van Damme together. Have a "Winners Purse" where only the Winner gets paid. A winner take all match. This is not such a far-out idea. These two are basically in the same weightclass (Light Heavyweight - 172.1 lbs. - 179 lbs.). Van Damme is 5-foot-9, 180 lbs. while Wilson is 6', 179 lbs. But heck, if Van Damme says he has "Pumped-Up" and is weighing more towards a K-1 weight he could always go a few rounds with the 189 lb. "Wonderboy!" Stephen Thompson... (Left).

Either way, this just might be a bout worth a PPV fee.
Any takers?


SATURDAY, December 11th, 2004, AT 12:45 AM, PT

News On The

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson and his father/trainer and manager Ray Thompson have finalized negotiations to allow Canadian promoter Vic Theriault (All 3 shown at Right) to promote the Wonderboy in Canada. Vic is the brother of none other than "The Iceman" Jean- Eves Theriault. Jean-Eves was "THE" fighter to watch back in the 80's and early 90's. His fight with Rick "The Jet" Roufus is legendary.

The build up of the Wonderboy in Canada begins when he fights on December 14th in Montreal, Quebec on promoter Joe Odeman's show and will continue with a Special attraction Superfight on the MMA show "Apex Fighting Championships" in April. Keep you eyes peeled for the Wonderboy for he is on a rocket to stardom.

MORE NEWS OF 12-11-04

Results Of The
Valdosta, Georgia, USA

IKF & ISCF Promoters John Turner and Richard Cox can chalk up their first solo event in the history books now. This was the first promotion they did on their own and although like many first time promoters, they had some bumps. However, when the first bell rang, this event ran smooth as silk.

The event took place at a dynamite facility, the Valdosta/Lowndes Convention Center in Valdosta, Georgia. The venue featured great warm-up space for the fighters and plenty of room for the fight fans. It also featured plenty of knockout action with the 2 IKF Amateur kickboxing bouts and all 9 of the ISCF MMA bouts ending before their scheduled rounds. Here's the nights results below.

IKF Amateur IR Kickboxing:
John Owens of Surfside Beach, South Carolina, USA (1-1/1, 149, 5'9", 24, 4-28-80, Maurice Travis) defeated Andy Costinaga of Americas, Georgia, USA (1-2, 147, 5'8", 27, 6-30-77, Ken Hudson) by KO at 1:57 of round 2.
ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight
Carlton Spalding of Deater, Georgia, USA (1-0, 162, 5'11", 27, 10-21-77, George Allen) defeated David Torza of Beauford, South Carolina, USA (0-1, 169, 5'8", 25, 3-4-79, Abe Stem) by Tap Out at 1:58 of round 1.
IKF Amateur IR Light Heavyweight:
Cody Milicivic of Valdosta, Georgia, USA (2-1/2, 181, 6'2", 18, 2-17-86, Richard Cox) defeated Ryan Leeper of Beaufort, South Carolina, USA (0-1/0, 175, 6', 22, 5-20-82, Abe Stem) by TKO when Leeper choose not to answer the bell for round 2.
ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight
Donnie Blue of Warrer Robbi, Georgia, USA (1-0, 154, 6'2", 26, 8-16-78, Cam McHarque) defeated Andres Martell of Beaufort, South Carolina, USA (0-1/0, 154, 5'8", 21, 11-6-83, Abe Stem) by rear choke at 1:11 of round 2.
ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight
David Bowles of Ringold, Georgia, USA (1-0, 185, 6'1", 27, 3-15-77, Ben Kiker) defeated Brian Amador of Gainsville, Florida, USA (0-1, 177, 5'7", 23, 6-4-81, Jason Dolder) by KO at :45 seconds into round 1 with a shin kick to Amador's face.
ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight
Cole Miller of Centerville, Georgia, USA (7-1-1, 143, 6'1", 20, 4-20-84, Cam McHarque) defeated Ashley Croft of Valdosta, Georgia, USA (0-1, 142, 6', 25, 8-8-79, Richard Cox) by triangle choke at 1:50 of round 1. A 'Shout-out' to Croft who was up against a 'Top Dog' in his first fight, and was winning up until he made the mistake of getting into the triangle of Miller's legs. Miller's trainers plans now are to turn him Pro for his next bout. If Croft keeps working hard, we would love to see these two meet up again down the road.
ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight
James Hagan of Russelville, Tennessee, USA (2-0, 170, 6'3", 29, 12-6-75, Team Oxedine) defeated C. J. Miller of Beaufort, South Carolina, USA (1-1, 170, 6'1", 23, 1-18-81, Abe Stem) by forearm bar choke at 2:28 of round 1.
ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight
Sean Wiggins of Gainsville, Florida, USA (1-1, 155, 5'11", 19, 10-22-85, Jason Dolder) defeated Shane Presley of Canten, Georgia, USA (2-2, 153, 5'10", 27, 12-17-76, Steve Headen) by triangle choke at :41 seconds of round 1.
ISCF Amateur MMA Super Heavyweight
Justin Gore of Kingsport, Tennessee, USA (1-0, 225, 5'10", 24, 11-9-80, Team Oxendine) defeated Heath Lane of Lakepark Georgia, USA (0-1, 269, 6'5", 27, 5-2-77, Shaun Gay) by tap out due to strikes at 3:33 of round 1.
ISCF Pro MMA Light Heavyweight
Andy Foster of Dalton, Georgia, USA (10-0, 197, 6'1", 25, 1-13-79, Ben Kiker) defeated Jason Hathaway of Hinesville, Georgia, USA (2-6-1, 186, 5'6", 27, 6-25-77, Self) by armbar at 1:32 of round 1. What can be said about the humble master Foster. He just keeps turning in the same results... Win baby Win!
Main Event ISCF Pro Light Middleweight MMA
Cam McHargue of Griffin, Georgia, USA (12-2, 169, 5'11", 35, 5-26-69, Joel Chauors) defeated Tim Stout of Johnson City, Tennessee, USA (4-1, -22-2-, 172, 6', 25, 2-9-79, Team Oxendine) by triangle choke at 3:20 of round 1. This was a great win by the current ISCF Pro Light Middleweight United States Champion. A win that hopes to put him in a position a higher ISCF Light Heavyweight Title in 2005. We look forward to seeing Cam in the ring again soon.
Great show and Great Teamwork by the South East MMA Officials, friends and family. We look forward to the next one! For more info contact Mr. John Turner at (229) 821-0123 or by e-mail at or go to


WEDNESDAY, December 8th, 2004, AT 12:35 PM, PT


Georgia, USA: This Friday night, December 10th, Evolution Promotions Inc. will Present "HOLIDAY HAVOC" at the Valdosta/Lowndes Convention Center, Valdosta, Georgia, USA. The event will feature IKF Amateur Kickboxing and Pro and Amateur ISCF MMA. Here is the line up as of press time today:

IKF Amateur IR Welterweight: (142.1 lbs. - 147 lbs.)
Andy Costinaga (Family MA) vs John Owens (Dojo MA)

ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight (140.1 - 155 lbs.)
Donnie Blue (Praxis) vs. Andres Martell (McCullough)

ISCF Amateur MMA Super Heavyweight (220.1 lbs. & up)
Justin Gore (Oxendine) vs. Heath Lane (independent)

IKF Amateur IR Light Heavyweight: (172.1 lbs. - 179 lbs.)
Cody Milicivic (Reality) vs. Ryan Leeper (McCullough)

ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight (140.1 - 155 lbs.)
Cole Miller (Praxis) vs. Chris Clark (Dojo MA)

ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight (170.1 - 185 lbs.)
C. J. Miller (McCullough) vs. James Hagan (Oxendine)

ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight (140.1 - 155 lbs.)
Shane Presley (Velocity) vs. Sean Wiggins (F-2)

ISCF Amateur MMA Lightweight (140 & below)
Ashley Croft (Reality) vs. Bubby Mitchell (Praxis)

ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight (155.1 - 170 lbs.)
Carlton Spalding (Eagle) vs. James Hagan (Oxendine)

ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight (170.1 - 185 lbs.)
David Bowles (United) vs. Brian Amador (F-2)

ISCF Pro MMA Light Heavyweight (185.1 - 200 lbs.)
Andy Foster (United/Velocity) vs. Shane Blair (independent)

Main Event ISCF Pro MMA:
Cam McHargue (Praxis) vs. Tim Stout (Oxendine).

For more info contact Mr. John Turner at (229) 821-0123 or by e-mail at or go to


TUESDAY, December 7th, 2004, AT 1:05 PM, PT

Fighter Medical Suspension Page

As many of you know, a fighter who has been stopped before the scheduled rounds of a fight is required to serve a mandatory medical suspension to assure the fighter is safe to fight again. This rule has been followed in Professional boxing as well as in USA Amateur Boxing. One such good sight for Pro Boxing can be found at

However, this rule has not been followed or kept track of for amateur or professional kickboxing "UNLESS" the fighter who was stopped, fought in a State that oversees both PRO and AMATEUR Kickboxing such as California.

Some time ago we here at the IKF created a web page where you can find info about Suspended KICKBOXERS due to being stopped by KO or TKO. Please go to this web page address - and then click on Medical Suspensions

As you will see, we list fighters from "ANY" event, sanctioned by "ANY" Sanctioning body. Make sure none of these kickboxers are scheduled to fight on non IKF Sanctioned events in your state. We suggest that you review this list in detail to assure your state, promoter or sanctioning body will not be liable if any additional injuries that may occur to any fighters listed on this page.

Although not perfect, the fighter information on this page is at the mercy of those in the sport. The fighters listed here are only what we are informed of. We are sure we are missing "MANY" Amateur and Pro kickboxers from not only around the USA but around the world. If you should have information about a Kickboxer (Amateur or Pro) that has been stopped by TKO or KO in a non IKF Sanctioned event, we ask that you please forward us the necessary information so that we can add this info to this fighter suspension page to ensure their future safety. We thank you in advance for your assistance.

What is considered a KO or a TKO? Click HERE.






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