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SinMoo Hapkido
Kuk Sool Won
Han Pul
Kong Soo Do
Han Mu Do
Kung Sul
Tang Soo Do
Soo Bahk Do
Haidong Gumdo
Tae Soo Do
Hwarang Do
Tae Kyon
Ship Pal Ki
Yu Sool
Kung Jung Moo Sool
Moo Duk Kwan
Kun Gek Do

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Korean Martial Arts FTP Website
The M.A.R. Korean martial arts FTP website contains assorted information on Korean martial arts available for viewing and downloading.

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The Korean Martial Arts FTP Website

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Korean Martial Arts Resources

This list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all resources, but rather a pointer to comprehensive resources for Korean martial arts on the Internet.

Each of the following links contain many resources and links to martial arts websites that will lead you into the vast world of Korean Martial Arts.

Search the back issues of The_Dojang

The Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Heaquarters

The World Taekwondo Federation

The World Taekwondo Federation Competition Rules

The United States Taekwondo Union

DoJu JI, Han-Jae: Founder of Modern Hapkido

The Korea Taekwondo Association

US AAU National Taekwondo Program

International Olympic Committee - Taekwondo

The Korean Martial Arts FAQ

The_Dojang's list of KMA Orgs

The_Dojang's list of Sport TKD Events,

B.Appleton's Korean Martial Arts Terms

South Korean History

Korean History Online

The Historical Background of Taekwondo

The Modern History of Taekwondo

Taekwondo History

Ancient Taekwondo History

People and Events of Taekwondo's Formative Years

Yet Another History of Taekwondo

Ron Bain's Korean Hoshinsul On-Line

Clickasia's About Korea

Master Mac's Korean Martial Arts Forms Resource

C.S Kim Karate Tang Soo Do

Official site of ITF - Austria (International Taekwon-Do Fed)

Official site of ITF - North Korea (International Taekwon-Do Fed)

Official site of ITF - Canada (International Taekwon-Do Fed)

Interview with General CHOI Hong-hi (RIP)

Korean Martial Arts Network

The ITF "Legacy" CD-ROM

D.Abramovitch's List of Korean Martial Arts Links

Universal Tae Kwon Do Brotherhood, Inc.

General TaeKwonDo Information

Gregg London's Tae Kwon Do Quad

West Coast Chang Moo Kwan

Ohio TaeKwonDo Association

Oklahoma Taekwondo Union

Korea Ssireum Research Institute

Hwa Rang Do - Tae Soo Do Headquarters

Coach Han Lee's website, USA National Tae Kwon Do Team

B.Appleton's Stretching and Flexibility FAQ

Martial Arts FAQ

History of Hapkido and Related Arts

Nebraska Hapkido Association

German Hapkido Groups

LadyTKD's Sport Taekwondo Today - Rumors and News

TaeKwonDo Times magazine

Journal of Asian Martial Arts (magazine)

Tang Soo Do Warrior-Scholar website

Korean Martial Arts Resource (KMAR)

Pine Tree Sang Moo Sa

Australian Hapkido Group

US Korean Martial Arts Federation

US Soo Bahk Do Federation

World Tang Soo Do Association

T.Preston's Dojang Yellow Pages (dojang locator)

Find Hapkido Dojangs

Directory of USKMAF dojangs

In memory of Master Renee West, 1961-2003

World Kum-Do Association

HaiDong Gumdo

More HaiDong Gumdo

National Korean Martial Arts Association Inc.

US Martial Arts Association

Korean Government Homepage

Korean Cultural Center - Los Angeles

Korea WebWeekly, All Things Korean

Seoul Metropolitan Government

The_Dojang members present at the 16th Int'l Hapkido Seminar

The_Dojang members present at the 18th Int'l Hapkido Seminar

The_Dojang members present at the 20th Int'l Hapkido Seminar

130+ Patches from members of The_Dojang et al

5 Codes of the HwaRang (Hangul/Hanja), from Nam Rhee-Sook

Korean War +50; No Longer Forgotten

Seoul trip pictures, 10/1997

Martial Arts FAQ

Ray's List of Firearms Training Schools

The Police Martial Arts Association

The American Society for Law Enforcement Training

National Law Enforcement Training Center


Calendar for LEO Training

PoliceOne website

Many old pics and postcards from Korea - 1

Many old pics and postcards from Korea - 2

Many old pics and postcards from Korea - 3

Many old pics and postcards from Korea - 4

Many old pics and postcards from Korea - 5

Many old pics and postcards from Korea - 6

Many old pics and postcards from Korea - 7

Many old pics and postcards from Korea - 8

Many old pics and postcards from Korea - 9

The Huge Page of Links


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