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Master Lee E. Dawson, Soshu
Founder of the SRMAA
and Seishin Ryu Karate Kokusai
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Welcome to S.R.M.A.A.!

Master Lee E. Dawson, Soshu Founder of the SRMAA and Seishin Ryu Karate Kokusai.

The idea behind S.R.M.A.A. (Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association), is to unite all of my students, past, present, (Locally, Nationally and World Wide) active and inactive, into one organization. S.R.M.A.A. is also to be a "service organization" for those who feel the need. School and Martial Artists who have, in one way or another lost their Instructor and/or Style Head, are discontent with there present organization (fees or practices), or just desire to become part of S.R.M.A.A.

Unlike most organizations, you receive credibility, but few other benefits, our plan is to offer benefits, which if taken advantage of will far out weigh the annual fee. As a member of S.R.M.A.A., you will receive the following:

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Here are the Benefits of
Membership in S.R.M.A.A.

Accessibility to Soshu - If you have questions technical or otherwise, you have direct access to the
Founder/Director Master Lee E. Dawson, also the Chief Instructors and the Executive Board/Technical Committee (Style Representatives). Soshu holds seminars and workshops upon request. Easy contact by telephone, e-mail or post/mail.

Dissemination of Material - Training, Business, Manuals, Tournament Rules and Certification, Newsletters, etc.

Assistance - in Training, Teaching, Testing, Rank Promotion, Advertising and Business Management.

Receive Training in Sub-Arts - Seminar/Clinics, from Soshu and experts in other Martial Arts, Judo/Jujitsu, Kobudo, Serious Street Survival, Traditional Philosophy, etc.

Seishin Ryu Journal - "OSU," to keep up with what is going on and how your friends are doing, also special events and activities, Martial Arts articles, training information on History, Philosophy, Seishin Ryu Theory, (the Jitsu and the Do). The "Journal," will also include a break down of terminology, and much more to come in the future.

Seishin Ryu News Bulletins - to keep you in touch with events going on and coming up. "Seishin Ryu Bulletin"

Seishin Ryu Business Bulletin - distributed to Branch Dojos and S.R.M.A.A. Affiliates, giving information on promoting your business, advertising, financial information, seminars and so on. The business Bulletin will keep you on top of things and assist you in solving business and instructional problems.

Grand Nationals - Annual Awards Banquet (Special Awards presentation, Annual Grand Champions, etc.), Tournament, Executive meetings, Seminars.

Seishin Ryu Hall of Fame - Internationally recognized honors given to: Life Long Instructors, and Outstanding Martial Artists.

International Directory - Identifying Members, Affiliate Schools and a Referral System. "International Directory"

A free "S.R.M.A.A." Patch - (Beautiful 3" by 4" black, red and gold shoulder patch), per example at right, upon your membership. Members must purchase any additional patches, discounts available for schools of Seishin Ryu, and S.R.M.A.A affiliates.

Membership Card - to identify you as a student of S.R.M.A.A. and a member of S.R.M.A.A, showing your rank and registration number.

Discounts - 10% off Seminars, Private Lessons, Tournaments, promotions (and spectator fees), 5% off books and equipment, purchased through the Honbu. Notice: S.R.M.A.A Affiliate Schools can receive up to 40% off merchandise.

Monthly Seminars on subjects from Philosophy to Sparring. Guest Instructors will be present to cover areas from Pressure Points to Herbology.

Certification of Schools and Students not under the Seishin Ryu Style System will be able to receive training and Instructor's status, if so desired.

Rank Certification through S.R.M.A.A., can be obtained by Chief Instructors for themselves and their students, regardless of system or style. This is all done by Master Lee E. Dawson, 9th Dan personally.

Codify Tournament Rules - to insure fair and impartial judging and certification of judges and referees.

School Insurance - a must for every school of dojo. We are working on getting a much better rate than the individual school could purchase it for.

Reciprocation Policy - members moving to a new location of a licensed Seishin Ryu or S.R.M.A.A. School may continue, not losing rank (purgative of that Instructor), seniority or dues paid in advance (not more than six months if paid-up beyond that time).

Visiting S.R.M.A.A. Member - A S.R.M.A.A member in good standing may practice two times a month in S.R.M.A.A. Branch School (during regular classes at no cost) while visiting in their area, over fifty (50) miles from home dojo.

Training at Honbu - A S.R.M.A.A.member in good standing may practice two times a month at the S.R.M.A.A. Honbu in Cedar Falls, Iowa USA, (during regular classes and at no cost) regardless of school, system or distance from home school.

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My goal is to maintain a strict adherence to tradition in this organization and to give all Karate-ka a credible source for Martial Arts certification and training. This includes yearly training, testing and certification of Instructors and assistants.

Types of membership

Individual - Student of the Martial Arts in any Oriental Martial Arts System.

Affiliate School - A Martial Arts School of any Oriental Martial Arts System or Style who's Instructor is a member of S.R.M.A.A. and the school meets the high standards set down by Soshu - organizationally and technically.

Branch Dojo - A School under the Seishin Ryu Karate Kokusai Ltd., teaching the Seishin Ryu System of the Martial Arts.

Life Time (Individual) - Those senior students of the Martial Arts are given the opportunity to become Life Long Members.

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"Check with S.R.M.A.A. Honbu (Headquarters)"

Representatives and Directors
"Honbu is currently looking for qualified Representatives and Directors"

Style Representative - Represents a particular Martial Arts System from an Oriental Country, maintaining technical support and advise, etc..
Check Honbu for further details.

State/Provincial Director - Maintains general supervision, assistance, and recruitment throughout the this area. Receives compensation from membership fee of all new school and members. Check with Honbu for further details.

Regional Director - Maintains general supervision, assistance and recruitment over a selected region, several states/Providence. Check with Honbu for further details.

National Director - Maintains general supervision, assistance, recruitment and coordination of business throughout the Country, etc.. The National Director would be the highest authority in that country other than Master Lee E. Dawson, Soshu. Check with Honbu for further details.

NOTE: All officials of S.R.M.A.A. are expected to fully support the Association and Soshu, attend the Nationals and submit reports to the Honbu on a regular bases.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Joining The Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association

Q: You have been a member of a Martial Arts organization for a number of years - for what reasons would you want to change affiliations?

A: There are many such as Politics - Business - Technical - Direction - or Personal. I would like to point out numerous questions I was faced with and how they were resolved upon affiliating with Soshu Lee E. Dawson and the Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association (S.R.M.A.A.).

Q: What is the purpose of the S.R.M.A.A.?

A: The S.R.M.A.A. is basically a service organization open to all valid traditional oriental martial artists or martial arts schools who may have lost their instructor or who are not happy with their current organization. The main goal is to offer credibility to those who wish to switch organizations for any reason - political, business, personal or otherwise.

Q: Will I have credibility in the martial arts community as a member of the S.R.M.A.A.?

A: Soshu Dawson is an 8th Dan and is well respected in the martial arts community. He heads an international organization with schools located in both the U.S. and Canada.

Q: Can I join the S.R.M.A.A. as an individual member?

A: Yes - any rank can join (not just Black belts).

Q: How do we communicate between the International Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association Honbu (S.R.M.A.A. International Headquarters) in the United States, and/or Canadian National Headquarters?

A: I have found the e-mail communications with this organization exceptional. Soshu responds immediately to questions, concerns and problems. We also communicate by phone and through the mail.

Q: How will I be graded if I leave my current organization?

A: Soshu Dawson will grade you personally. Upon joining Soshu will ask you for information on yourself such as copies of your grading certificates, a copy of your style syllabus up to your current rank, martial arts history, and possibly a video tape of yourself (Katas, techniques etc.). SRMAA has syllabuses of minimum requirements and standards for all ranks.

Q: Do I have to learn a new style if I join your Organization?

A: No - but depending on your rank if you do not know all of the Katas for your style you may learn from different styles within the S.R.M.A.A. (Seishin Ryu and affiliates). SRMAA has syllabuses of minimum requirements and standards for all ranks.

Q: What are the fees for joining?

A: The fees are very fair. There is an annual membership fee for each school and individual member that joins. Contact Soshu for the actual fees.

Q: As the head instructor of my own school can I grade my own students?

A: Yes - up to but not including your own rank.

Q: Are there a lot of politics in the S.R.M.A.A. - namely is there interference with the everyday running of my school?

A: You are free to run your school as you see fit. You must keep in mind that you are a member of the Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association (S.R.M.A.A.) and that the traditional values of the martial arts must be maintained.

Q: How do I obtain rank certificates for my students and what are the costs?

A: Those of your students that are members will receive their certificates from Soshu. There will be two signatures - Soshu's and yours. Each time a member is graded a form is filled out and sent to Soshu - the certificates are then sent back to the instructor for distribution to the students. Contact Soshu for the fees.

Q: Is it possible to have Rank Certificates in my mother language?

A: Yes, if you will translate them.

Q: How can my students and I receive personal training from Soshu?

A: Soshu teaches seminars at various affiliate locations. You can hold a seminar and have Soshu and his senior students travel to your dojo to teach. You are also welcome to travel to the Honbu (Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA) at any point in time for training, seminars, tournaments or just to visit.

Q: Can I do my own merchandising?

A: You may merchandise any products yourself such as Gi's, belts, patches, training gear and sparring equipment. You may also obtain merchandise through S.R.M.A.A. if you desire. Products with the Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association (S.R.M.A.A. Trademark) name on them must be purchased through the S.R.M.A.A. Honbu (Headquarters). Discounts are given to schools.

Q: Should I change the name of what I am teaching as a result of joining the S.R.M.A.A.?

A: It really depends on what you want to do and the politics involved with your current organization. Soshu will help you through this.

Q: As a member of the S.R.M.A.A. are there any opportunities to meet others that are affiliated?

A: In May there is an International Annual Awards Banquet, meetings and tournament held in Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA. All Affiliates, Representatives and Directors are encouraged to attend.

Q: How do I join?

A: Upon contacting Soshu you will be asked to submit material as previously stated. When Soshu has reviewed this material, he will send you the appropriate paperwork for joining - individual membership forms and school application forms. Fill these forms out and send them back with the proper fees and you are a member.

"I have been involved in the martial arts since the early 80's and feel I have learned more in the last year than in all previous years. This is not only a martial art's affiliation - I believe I have also formed friendships that will last a lifetime (this may sound a little ambiguous but it is true)!"
~ Sensei Lou DeAdder, 4th Dan
SRMAA Director of Canada

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How to Join

S.R.M.A.A., as mentioned, is open to all students and schools of the Oriental Martial Arts, who have high moral standards, no criminal record, is a good citizen and has a good reputation in their community.

I know that you will be as excited about S.R.M.A.A. as I am once you join and take advantage of the many benefits. Check out the details and get involved.

To join contact us by e-mail, telephone or mail/post: E-Mail -,
Telephone: 1-319-266-5923, S.R.M.A.A.
Honbu, 522 East 18th Street,
Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA 50613

SRMAA Individual Application Form

SRMAA School Application Form

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To join, contact us by e-mail, telephone or mail/post:
E-Mail:, Telephone: 1-319-266-5923,
S.R.M.A.A. Honbu, 522 East 18th Street, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA 50613

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