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Before starting to introduce Hosharafu lets review the history and Philosophy of martial arts.

If we go deep in history of martial arts we will know and find out that Martial Arts exist when the human exist and start living in the world, Martial Arts born with every Humans and Animals for their self defense, but its limited in Animals body because Animals do not have a discovered mind like human to think, make something and memorize it.

Its a power that give us from God and exist in human's body, but some of the humans pay attention to it and develop it in his/her body, if we think a little and review the previous life when the human start living in the world there were no Masters or teachers of martial arts to teach this art to peoples, so its clear that human have a discovered mind and have the ability to create, Discover, Make and memorize it.

Martial Art is a way of life, its a philosophy, its like a bridge that connect all martial artists and through this all countries of the world, it makes the world near to you, its a system of friendship between countries of the world and humans.

The Martial Arts are divided into many types with different rules and philosophy which is made by experts of martial arts, the founders of Martial Arts are very less and martial artists, Masters and Grand Masters are very much because every human and every martial artist can not develop any system of Martial Arts.

Hosharafu which means (The Art and Ability of Combat Techniques) is a modern and stylish Martial Arts System for all ages and genders, This Style is a soft Martial Art Style with very unique techniques for self defense and combats, The daily Exercises of Hosharafu make you healthy, flexible, Muscular, Strong, active, Combative and defensible.

In the martial arts of Hosharafu you will learn how to defense your self against your opponent, beautiful kicks, many types of combat systems, much techniques of self defense, many types of cold weapons, the fighting style in official competitions is point awarding system, kicking is allowed in Face, Body and Legs, but Punches are allowed only into the body no face punch allowed in the official championships of Hosharafu, in this martial art style the competitors show their abilities, Arts and Techniques that how they get a point from their opponent with the unique techniques.

Hosharafu Uniforms:

The colors of Hosharafu Uniforms are (Black, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) which draw the Olympic circles color, the uniform style for men is a half arm shirt and for women full arm and they also can wear half arm its optional for women.


Hosharafu is a system for self defense

Hosharafu is a system for Combat

Hosharafu is a system for Fitness

Hosharafu is a system for health

Hosharafu is a system for Peace

Hosharafu is a system for gathering

Hosharafu is a system which respect all styles of martial arts and sports

Hosharafu is a system of respect

Hosharafu is a knowledge

Forms in Hosharafu Style:

The movements of hands, legs and body which make a combination of offensive and defensive movements is called forms.

Self-Defense in Hosharafu Style:

The combination of offensive and defensive movements of hands, Legs and body which make a form for attack and blocking from opponent or from a weapon or the movements that you use to save your body is called self defense.

The Championships in Hosharafu is divided into many types, but the official system which use in all National and International Level in all countries of the world is point awarding system which shows the ability, Arts and techniques of a martial artist that how he/she get a point with a very unique techniques, for details in combat rules check the Competition Rules.

The IHF or International Hosharafu Federation established since 2009 in United States of America.



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