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Japanese Ninjitsu

Ninjitsu is the ancient Japanese Art of the Ninja. It is the martial art of choice for the night vagabonds and killers. Ninjitsu unlike it's social counterpart, the Samurai, is an underground class of warriors trained to quickly gain entrance to hire security areas and achieve it's mission. Ninjitsu began more than 800 years ago. Ninja means "stealers - in".

Their forte is espionage and assassination, by any means possible. Ninjas were usually trained from childhood and continued learning the art of Ninjitsu from birth. Soon, even the elite Samurai class began to fear the Ninja for their notorious skills. Ninjitsu was practiced in great secrecy. Upon the arrival of Modern Japan, the Ninjitsu class was absorbed into Japan's Secret Service arm of the government. The art of Ninjitsu was later brought to the western world during the 1970's because of the work of Doron Navon and Stephen Hayes. They found a Ninjitsu headmaster living in Japan who was willing to train them.

The art of Ninjitsu is also known as "ninpo". Ninpo is a traditional Japanese bujutsu martial art that goes bcack for tens of centuries. It was developed as a counter culture art to the Samurai Warrior Class and was considered to be anti-government and illegal. Ninpo continues to be practiced today unter the tutelage of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, 34th Grandmaster of the Togakure Ryu Ninjitsu Tradition. Dr. Hatsumi is considered to be the last variable true Ninja Grandmaster having a direct line of decent going back to Feudal Japan.

The art of Ninjitsu has no bounds. Their direct aim is assassination and espionage. They use many stealth and killer tactics including ninja stars, throwing knives, smoke bombs, poisons, darts, bow and arrows, karate, wrestling and guerilla warfare tactics. Ninjitsu is best known for their black uniforms and shurikens.

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