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- 26.10.04 -The sole international MUAYTHAI Body

- 07.10.04 - WMC Featherweight title fight

- 30.09.04 - WMC World Title Show Finland

- 10.09.04 - WMC World Title Fights

- 25.06.04 - WMC Super night at Rajadamern

- 24.06.04 - WMC 04 World update

- 20.05.04 - International News update

Today is Tuesday - 30 / 11 / 2004 *Latest Update - 10 / 09 / 2004*

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28.10.04 - World Championship 2004 MUAYTHAI against Drugs

Press conference: The WMC and IFMA put on a press conference at the Radisson Hotel chaired by General Chetta Thanajaro, WMC President, and Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, IFMA President. The conference received massive attention from different news agencies, national and international based in Thailand – the ballroom was filled to full its capacity - More>>

13.07.04 - Speacial Report - 9 Years of The World MuayThai Council

The World MUAYTHAI Council was set up under directive of the Thai government with the inauguration meeting held in 1995. The first meeting attracted representatives from 39 countries - every Federation with different rules and guidelines. The primary aim of the WMC is to unite all the world federations, gyms and promoters under one umbrella in order to promote MUAYTHAI as a safe ring sport and a Martial Art with proud tradition.
- More >>

Latest news from Thailand.
WMC the Worlds only recognised Governing Body, recognised under Thai Law.

There have been rumours circulating recently outside of Thailand that the WMC is not recognised and will be replaced by another body.The Sports Authority of Thailand have come out with a statement to announce the legal status of the WMC .

In order to end this confusion and wrong statements circulating we will post the official letter by the Thai government .

We all hope that this clarifies this matter so we can all together take MUAYTHAI to the next level.

The letter from the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT).

07.10.04 - WMC Featherweight title won in 29 seconds by Bovy Udomsuk ! :: Yes indeed, it was an exciting nights boxing at Rajdamnern recently with some of the WMC strongest fighters around putting on a great show. The crowd started to file in well before the 6.30 start and by the 3rd fight had filled the ringside and second level right up with the top tier about three quaters full - creating a great atmosphere with plenty of shouting and mayhem ! Deafening cheers followed each successful blow.


25.06.04 - WMC Super night at Rajadamern
What a night ! The very best of the best gathered in one ring ! WMC Top 10, contenders for Fight of the Year and a night to remember for a long time. Mr. Songchai Ratanusbusan, WMC Committee member last night set up some long awaited matches for a capacity crowd at Rajdamnern Stadium. - More>>

Recent Home Land News.

17.06.04 - Koh Samui, the venue for another Big WMC MUAYTHAI Against Drug event - General Chetta Thanajaro the defense minister of Thailand and President of the WMC, was the chairman of the show. He was accompanied by Dr.Sakchye Tapsuwan, President of the IFMA and General Secretary of the WMC. The stadium was packed to the last seat. Furthermore, there were so many names of Muaythai there. Stephan Fox was the host of the show. - More>>

MuayThai Against Drugs Show - Picture Gallery.
- 18.125.03 Event

10.09.04 - WMC World Title Show Finland
Finland one of the founding member countries of the World MUAYTHAI Council and IFMA has staged another great World Title show. Finland is a country that always produces top Amateur MUAYTHAI Fighters. - More>>

10.09.04 - WMC World Title Fights and IFMA Swedish Championships
Sweden, one of the member countries to join ‘the WMC around the world events’, staged the Super Heavyweight World Title Fights featuring the Thai prestige fight and the Swedish IFMA Amateur Championships for the main reason of finalizing a national team for the 2004 World Championships on November 5-13, 2004 in Bangkok, which is a part of the MUAYTHAI Against Drugs Festival. - More>>

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10.11.04 - The World Championship Muaythai Against Drugs 2004 in Bangkok has reached outstanding success so far with 69 countries comprising of large teams were part of the magnificent opening ceremony presided over by the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand. Many Ambassadors, VIPs, and Sport Officials from around the world also attended. - More>>


11.11.04 - Program book of the World Championships MuayThai Against Drugs Festival 2004


17.06.04 - WMC & IFMA 6th Annual Meeting 2004

Dear IFMA Friends, We thank all the 65 member countries, representing 78 countries, for attending the 6th Annual IFMA World Meeting; it truly shows the strength of the federation. The meeting clearly indicated the federation’s productivity and well concluded all decisions made by the General Assembly. - More >>

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