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Welcome to the Cane Masters Web Site. Our goal is to build a powerful resource for the rapidly growing community of folks who are interested in learning to use the cane for self-defense and exercise.


In addition to promoting the cane for Self Defense and exercise, Cane Masters is renowned for the craftsmanship of their custom made canes. Quite simply, they are the finest custom canes you can find. Plus, as you browse these pages, you will find other unique products, such as hiking staffs, escrima sticks, cane stands, carry cases, and other one of a kind items.


For those who are interested in learning how to use the cane for self-defense, consider joining the Cane Masters International Association. Not only will you be exposed to the most efficient system yet devised on learning to use the cane, but you will also be eligible for discounts on the purchase of any Cane Masters product! If you would like to become a member of the fastest growing Self Defense organization in the country, and be eligible to be a Certified Canemaster© and instructor, then click here.


Learning to use the cane for exercise is simplicity itself! Either by itself, or with the help of one of our exercise bands, we will show you a system that can be used anywhere, and will give your body a healthy toning workout.


Help yourself get the most out of our self-defense and exercise system with one of our instructional videos. Available individually or packaged with a cane and exercise band, these exciting tapes will demonstrate the techniques that have made our system renowned worldwide.

Remember that you can order any of the Cane Masters products with our SECURE on-line order form, or by calling the toll free number 1-800-422-CANE (2263).

As a leading pioneer of the cane, Master Mark Shuey, Sr. has toured the world giving seminars and competing in tournaments. Contact him today to schedule one at your Dojo.

We hope you enjoy the Cane Masters site, and we welcome your comments.

The CMIA Board of Directors

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The CMIA (Cane Masters International Association)
was established with the cooperation of martial artists
worldwide, representing a wide variety of martial arts styles.

"I knew there was a lot of interest in starting a martial arts organization focused on the cane," says Master Shuey. "But I was really blown away by the enthusiasm as we started getting it off the ground."

Shuey says once the word got out that the association was being formed he got plenty of volunteers for the Board of Directors.

The purpose of the organization is to further the growth and popularity of the cane as a martial arts tool which can complement any martial arts style, and to offer people from all walks of life a legal self-defense system. The CMIA has three membership levels:

*** Affiliate Membership ***
This is for those who want to support the cane, but aren't ready to make the commitment of studying the weapon.

If you are currently a Cane Masters customer, simply sign up, pay the $25 processing fee, and you'll receive a Cane Masters embroidered patch, lapel pin, and certificate of participation in the mail. Order your Affiliate Membership here.

*** Student Membership ***
For those members ready to commit to becoming a student of the cane, this is an excellent way to learn the art.

CMIA Student Members are eligible for toll free tele-coaching from Cane Masters, as well as other benefits not available to the general public.

If you do not own any Cane Masters products, you will be required to purchase the Cane Masters Novice package, which includes: Special CMIA training cane, two videos ("Introduction to the Cane", "Building the Foundation"), exercise band, CMIA embroidered patch, lapel pin, and certificate of participation. Total cost is $125 plus shipping & handling, but will give you everything you need to get started. Order the CMIA Novice Package here.

If you have purchased a Cane Masters cane and the training tapes, you may already qualify, but you will need to pay the $25 membership fee. To apply for a Student Membership on these terms, order an Affiliate Membership here, but add an 'additional note' to your order, indicating that you are applying for a Student Membership.

*** Canemaster© ***

For the elite who advance through the Cane Masters training program and acquire the title of Canemaster©.

Full graduation and testing through the Cane Masters ranking program. Upon passing, you will be qualified to provide Official Cane Masters seminars and instruction, as well as being able to purchase Cane Masters products at the wholesale price level.


The CMIA Board of Directors

Our CMIA Packages (look for "CMIA" in the Package name)

The CMIA Ranking System

An Interview with the Cane Master, Mark Shuey Sr.

By Stephen F. Baker

In ancient Egypt, everyone from royalty to the common laborer had one. In fact, one Pharaoh was buried with 132 of them! In the 16th century, if the Czar of Russia saw you brandishing one, it was grounds for an instant beheading. Early in the 1700’s, London gentlemen were required to procure a permit for the privilege of carrying one. And in the late 19th century, the finest design houses of Europe and the United States, such as Faberge and Tiffany, offered exquisitely crafted ones for men and women. What, you ask, could have such great appeal through the ages? The Cane!

With such an august history, it is no wonder that the cane has been “re-discovered” as a self-defense tool for the new millennium. And on the forefront of this “awakening” is Grand Master Mark Shuey Sr., owner of Cane Masters.

Shuey, who holds black belts in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Tang Soo Do, began using the cane in earnest ten years ago. Although he’s trained in all of the major martial arts weapons, he’s completely sold on the merits of the cane. "It’s the most practical weapon a martial artist, or anyone for that matter, can learn," says Shuey. "What other self-defense tool can you carry on a plane or in a casino? Try getting nunchuka past airport security! And if you think about it, what good is it learning a weapon if you can’t take it anywhere?"

GM Shuey has become well known on the major tournament circuits as the “cane man”, where he has been able to accumulate 18 world and national titles in the Masters Weapons divisions using the cane, while at the same time showing how devastating and practical this simple yet legal self-defense tool can be. As a result, GM Shuey is being sought to teach seminars across the country as well as in Europe and Canada. His efficient system of instruction has taken such a strong foothold in the martial arts community that he has formed the Cane Masters International Association in order to facilitate the training of students of the cane.

The following is an interview with GM shuey held at his manufacturing facility in Incline Village, Nevada:

How did you first get involved in martial arts?

I always wanted to become a martial artist, but thought I wasn’t flexible enough. I was, however, a wrestler and body builder. One day I was in the gym, and saw a bunch of the “big guys” flexing in front of a mirror, and right then, I decided what they were into was not for me! I went around to 5 or 6 different martial arts schools, and picked one in the Chuck Norris system. After a few classes, I realized that I was just as flexible as the rest of the beginners. By the way, this was back in the late1960’s, when I was just a pup.

So your instructor was actually Chuck Norris?

Actually, my main instructor was one of Chuck Norris’s black belts, Harold Gross, who owned the Sherman Oaks and Tarzana studios. I was fortunate to meet Master Norris a few times when he visited the school. In fact, just last month I was at an event we both were attending, and he told me he had one of my canes hanging in his workout room!

Who was your most influential instructor?

Master Neil Citron, also an instructor in the Chuck Norris System, probably had the biggest influence on me in traditional martial arts. After teaching at the school for a while, he decided to enhance his training by learning some of the other martial arts. When he came back to the dojo, I wanted to study with him because of the variety of styles he taught. In fact, when I moved up to Lake Tahoe in 1976, I continued to commute to LA for his instruction, and as a result, received my 1st Dan in April of 1978.

My school, North Lake Tahoe Tae Kwon Do, is based on the principles of focusing on one style, but exposing the student to different martial arts.

When were you first introduced to the cane?

In 1983, in order to prepare for my 3rd Dan test in Hapkido, I had to learn some cane techniques. The cane I used was purchased from a drugstore and I really didn’t like the feeling of it, so after completing my studies and passing my grading, I put it down. Maybe it was also because I didn’t feel “macho” enough with it.

What made you decide to pickup the cane again? Were you injured?

No, actually, my son was doing a tournament, and ran into fellow martial artist who was doing a weapons kata with a cane. He was using what’s called a “stockyard cane”, which has a wider opening at the crook, and is made out of hard wood. Well, I got my hands on one, and immediately loved the feel of it.

What made you decide to start manufacturing your own canes?

Well, as you can imagine, my original cane was not a thing of beauty! So, I started tweaking it to make it look better and more effective by adding carvings to the shaft and changing the shape of the horn. Looking in martial arts magazines, I noticed nobody was making canes for supply to the MA market. Being a unique and practical weapon, I wanted to offer a high quality self-defense tool to MA.

How about the Cane Masters System of cane instruction?

First, why should we as martial artists be so concerned with learning a weapon that can’t be used legally on the street? You can’t take nunchukas, bos, or swords on the street, or even a knife. Why not teach something practical first, and then get into the more traditional weapons? It’s practical because it is legal to carry as well as extremely effective. Not only that, but consider the fact that when you carry a cane, you have it in a constant “ready” position. No need to pull the cane out of a scabbard, or take it out of your pocket. Imagine the difference that can make in a defensive situation! One just has to get over the mental aspect of being considered handicapped because of carrying the cane.

Do you compete in tournaments with the cane?

Yes. I stopped competing back in 1982, but when I re-discovered the cane, I decide to compete in order to show people that the cane should be considered a weapon, not just a crutch. In the beginning, I was amazed at how many folks thought I was entered in the handicappable divisions in the tournaments, just because I carried a cane. As I continued to participate, more and more people came to realize the cane as a potent weapon. I captured the Overall World and National Masters Weapons title for NASKA, and IMAC for 1999 and 2000 as well as winning the KRANE title, and again defending my NASKA titles for 2001 and 2002 all using the cane! In fact, I’m proud to say that I was asked to represent the United States in the European World Martial Arts Games held in Ireland last year.

Aside from the tournament circuit, how else are you promoting the cane?

In January of 2000, I formed the Cane Masters International Association. So many people I’ve talked to wanted to learn more about the cane and get together with others, I had to! These folks are scattered across the country, in fact we have CMIA students as far away as Germany and Australia! Right now we have over 1200 students worldwide, in addition to a “who’s who” list of regional directors. I was also delighted to learn that the Cane Master’s System has been recognized by such prestigious organizations as USMA and USMAF, as a complete martial arts entity. One of my biggest thrills was being recognized by Grand Master John Pellegrini, Founder of the International Combat Hapkido Federation, for my work with and dedication to the cane, and being asked to incorporate my style into the ICHF as the official curriculum for the cane. If you’re readers are interested in more details about the CMIA, all they need to do is get on my web-site I might also mention that law enforcement organizations from a wide cross section of the country have taken an interest in the cane, as well as another “tool” I have designed, the mini-cane, which is a 24-inch version of our standard product. In fact, I just finished teaching a series of classes at the Western Nevada Law Enforcement Academy.

What are your plans for the future?

My major goal is to keep spreading the word about the cane to as many people as I can. With that thought in mind, I am contacting senior citizen groups and organizations that deal with the physically challenged around the world about the power of the cane. In fact, my instructional videos are being dubbed in French, German, and Spanish for distribution in Europe. Why should people who need to use a cane in their everyday lives feel like a target? Why not empower them with the knowledge of how to use a cane for self-defense and exercise? As I give seminars around the world, I am constantly reminded of how many people still think of the cane as a crutch for the infirm. They couldn’t be further from the truth!

To know a Cane Masters cane, is to have held one in your hand. It is soft and smooth to the touch, but deadly to the ill-advised assailant.

Join Master Mark Shuey, Sr., as he describes the multi-step process involved in the crafting of each cane.

Step ONE: The crooks are bent. In order to assure the finest quality of raw stock, we have contracted with a family owned facility in Arkansas, which has been in operation for over 4 generations, as our supplier. Whether it's hickory, oak, walnut or ash, all Cane Masters canes start out as a hand selected straight piece of wood. The stock is then soaked in a hot water and fabric softener solution, placed in a hydraulic jig in order to set the bend while still wet, and left to dry for a week or longer depending on the humidity. Because of the tight levels of quality control, our inspectors reject nearly 20% of the final raw product.

Step TWO: The crook is smoothed. Using both belt and palm sanders, the crook is carefully formed. The horn is then shaped into either a sharp or smooth point. Some of the canes are given "fangs," for an even more effective Self Defense Tool.

Step THREE: The custom canes are then given their grips. Using a spindle sander, each grip is carefully carved into the shaft of the cane.

Step FOUR: All canes are given their first sanding. There is a three step process, where the canes are sanded with first 80-grit paper, then 120-grit paper, and then finally 280-grit sandpaper.

Step FIVE: Oiling the canes. The canes are then dipped overnight in a non-toxic oil.

Step SIX: The custom canes are then sanded again, this time using a 400-grit paper.

Step SEVEN: The custom canes are re-dipped in the oil. The custom canes are sanded again, at 600-grit.

Step EIGHT: The master canes are re-dipped and sanded once again with 1500-grit sandpaper.

Step NINE: The canes are laser etched with Cane Master and custom-requested logos.

Step TEN: The canes are handcrafted according to request. Many ask for "eyes" at the top of the cane. At this point, "eyes" can be set using glass, or precious gems.

Step ELEVEN: The canes are packed up and prepared for shipping.

Click here to view the Cane Masters extensive selection of canes.

There are hundreds of cane techniques in Hapkido systems. But with the newer wider crook, the possibilities are endless. Here are several methods you can use with a Cane Masters cane.

This is a new and growing site, so check back here frequently to see the new techniques we've added.

Keep in mind that the best way to learn these techniques is through the Cane Masters video series that can be ordered on this site or by phone. And remember that there are new video tapes coming out all of the time.

Woman vs. Knife Attack from behind

The Town Bully

Parking Lot Assault

So you've already got your Cane Masters cane collection and your set of instructional videos. What do you do now?

You find a dojo where you can work on your skills.

We are compiling a directory of cane dojos around the world. If you own a dojo, and would like it added to our new list, click here.

[The following list of schools teach cane techniques, but if you'd prefer Certified Cane Masters System instruction, please click here.]

United States

A+ Karate
Paul Hissa
1836 Drew St.
Clearwater, FL 33765
Phone: (727) 492-0698

Academy of Self Defense/Combat Hapkido
Price Fitness Center
Presidio of Monterey, CA
Phone: (831) 394-3703

Aiki Cane
William McLuskie
Charlotte, NC
Phone: (704) 543-0807

AikiJujitsu/Aikido Self Defense Academy
Ed Loomis
501 East Hopkins Road
Austin TX Phone: (512) 736-8821

Aikido Dawia
Toma Rosenzweig
4404 West Victory Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
Phone: (818) 843 4984
Call for Class Times: (818) 367-7600 or (818) 843-4984
Website: www.aikidodaiwa

American Self-Defense
9571 Aspen Lane
Conifer, CO 80433
Phone: (303)816-1813

Arkansas College of Martial Arts
Prof. Marty Cale
2179 N. College Ave.
Fayetteville, AR 72703
Phone: (501) 444-6009

Blue Dragon Dojo
Shihan Robert M. Paris
1601 Gunter Ave.
Guntersville, AL 35976
Phone: (256)582-5211

Castroville Karate Club
Mr. Gary Pieratt
1036 Country Lane
Castroville, TX 78009
Phone: (830)931-2997

Chinese Tai Chi Chuan Assoc. (SoCal)
University of California Riverside
UCR Student Recreation Center
1200 University, Riverside, CA
Phone: 787-5731

Colorado Combat Hapkido Academy
Arthur R. Huerta, M.Ed.
3425 Van Teylingen Dr., #H
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Phone: (719) 264-0473

Combat Arts Studio
Joseph L. Loren
Washington Heights Combat Arts Studio
655 W.183rd Street, suite #1
New York, NY 10033

Combat Cane USA
Dr. Joe Rodriguez Robaina
717 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Suite 205
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone: (305) 442-8300

Dragon Academy
718 9th St. South
Great Falls, MT 59505
Phone: (406) 761-5731

Taijiws Motion Martial Arts
Dragon Mind Hapkido Academy
Master Barry McConnell
Tallahassee, FL

Eagle Nest Self-Defense
Ted Blood
101 Chapel St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: (603) 431-5673
E-Mail:, or

Elite Self-Defense Concepts
Jamie Gutierrez
16018 Tuscola Rd.
Apple valley, CA 92307
Phone: (760) 961-0369

Fighting Wolf Martial Arts
Levi Johnson
7088 Bandera Rd
San Antonio, TX 78238
Phone: (210) 520-1375

Groves Karate Studio
Jack M. Groves
3 A Parkwood Ave. (8 miles north of Eureka Springs, AR)
Holiday Island, AR 72631
Phone: (479) 253-0448

Hapkido International
1236 Cleveland St.
Clearwater, FL 33755
Phone: (727) 447-1079

The Hapkido Institute of San Francisco
Steven Menasche, Chief Instructor
2125 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone: (415) 956-0566

Hapkido/Karate USA
Tony Ramey
1201 South Main Street
Corbin, KY 40701
Phone: 606-526-9801

Hawaii Sin Moo Hapkido Association
PO Box 17628
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817-0628
Phone: (808) 839-1738

Institute of Martial Arts
Elliott Cooper
16849 Warren Ave.
Detroit, MI 48228
Phone: (313) 581-8999

Intermountain Martial Arts
Jay Hartwell
243 Main Avenue West
Twin Falls, ID 83301
Phone: (208) 736-7100

International Kenkakai-kan-jitsu Organization
Master Paul Irizarry
P.O. Box 2167
Methuen, MA 01844
Phone: (978) 688-3691

Jacksonville Koga Kai Academy
Paul Rector
Jacksonville Parks and Recreation
5 Municipal Dr.
Jacksonville, AR 72076

KiMuKwan Martial Arts
K.B. Baker
5277 Princess Anne Rd., Ste 311
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Master Al Gauthier
8107 Laurel-Bowie Rd.
Bowie, MD, 20715
Phone: (301) 262-1742

Le Clair's Martial Arts Academy
Michael Le Clair
World Gym
6510 Antelope Rd.
Citrus Heights, CA 95621
Phone: (916) 602-6710

Manglinong Martial Arts
Rick Manglinong
P.O. Box 8251
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158-1251

Martial Arts Federation
120 South Main St.
London, OH 43140
Phone: (740) 852-3500 or (740) 606-3500

Martial Arts Training Institute
Scott Hartsell


Michigan Traditional Hapkido
Joe LeAnnais
19200 Warren Avenue
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
Phone: (313) 581-5085

M. L. Parr Academy of TKD
5010 North Granite Street
Loveland, CO 80538
Phone: (970) 663-4150

National Korean Martial Arts Assoc.
Grand Master Rudy W. Timmerman
181 Gore St.
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
P6A 1M4 Canada
Phone: (705) 759-4854

Natural Motion Martial Arts
Shawn Withers
136 US Route One
Scarborough, Maine 04074
Phone: (207) 885-5017

Northern Chi Martial Arts Center
James Bouchard
127 Pleasant Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011
Phone: (207) 721-0299

North Lake Tahoe Tae Kwan Do & Hapkido
Mark Shuey, Sr.
Mark Shuey, Jr.
880 Northwood Blvd.
Incline Village, NV 89451
Phone: (775) 831-8691

NWTCCA at University of California Riverside
Harvey Kurland
University of California Riverside
Student Recreation Center
1200 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92507
(909) 787-5738

Omaha TaeKwonDo/Judo Center
5117 Harrison St.
Omaha, NE 68157
(402) 733-8154

Porter Karate Academy
Peter Porter
125 Woodstock Road
White River Jct., VT 05001
Phone: (802) 295-5378

Reality Defense Training
Greg Funk
644 Holiday Dr.
Prescott, AZ 86303
(520) 717-9392

Sankai Dojo
Carl Mayhugh
Dojo E-mail:
8104 I Ave., Suite A, Hesperia, CA 92345
(760 ) 947-0069

Self Defense America
Bob Ingersoll
565 Broadway
Seaside, CA 93955
(831) 394-4133

Shorei Karate Institute
William Neher
8656 Pine Hill Road
Minneapolis, MN 55438-1340
(612) 829-0916

Shuyokan Martial Arts Center
Sensei David Dye
1360 Logan, Suite 108
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 557-6372

Straight Bayou Martial Arts Academy
Dr. Daryl R. Covington
7th Dan Korea Hapkido Federation
157 Church Road
Anguilla, MS 38721

Taijiws Motion Martial Arts
Sifu Cali
Dojo and Clients Home
58 Sherwood Ave
Yonkers, NY 10704
Phone: (914) 776-9634

Tamashii Karate & Tai Chi Center
King Lam
8132 Willow StreetNew Orleans, La. 70118
(504) 866-2241

Texas Kung Fu San Soo
Master Dale Lockwood
(817) 590-8585

Tiger's Claw Martial Arts
Ronald Allen Mertz
319 Knickerbocker Ave.2nd Floor
Hillsdale, NJ 07642

Tiger P.A.W. Karate
Michael S. Hicks
7110 Kuhn Rd.
Shelby, Ohio 44875
(419) 342-2569
Web Site:

Uechi Ryu Karate Do
Barb Silva
1058 Kingstown Rd.
Peace Dale, RI 02883-2492
(401) 789-0569

United HapKiDo
Helen A. Johnson
445 East Mill Street
Liberty, MO 64068
(816) 781-3787

United Takwondo Academy
Dr. Kenneth Brown
3225 S. Roxboro St., Suite 116
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 806-5656

West Texas Karate
Danny Kelley
318 Main
Mulesghoe, TX 79347
(806) 272-3511

White Birch Kung Fu & Tai Chi
Ramon J. Martinez
2205C Bel Air Road
Fallston, MD 21047

White Tiger Tejitsu
Mike Megill

WIU Traditional Korean Royal Court Martial Arts Club
Paul Holder
Western Illinois University Campus Recreation
Macomb, IL 61455
(209) 298-1228


Artes Marciales De Corea
Jesus Rayas
Calzada Independencia nte 3268- Afrente a Plaza
Independencia, Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

Asociacion de Taekwondo del Noroeste de Mexico, A. C.
Master Marco Antonio Cardenas Portugal
( 52-68 ) 18-22-12

Jade Dragon Martial Arts Academy
GM Dano Meadows
Hdqtrs Office: 47 Hesp Drive
Bolton Ontario Canada L7E 2R2
(905) 751-8363

Kenpo Kwai International England
Soke Andy McGill
Dartford Kent, England

Budokay - Karate - Uruguay
Eduardo Ferre Senatore
Calle Santa Lucia #5133
Phone: (598) 2 305-5079

Hockley Martial Arts Academy
Anthony Hockley
10 Gwinganna Crescent
Holden Hill, South Australia, 5088
Phone: (08) 8261-7638

Kempovision International/Menkyo Martial Arts
Sensei Dan Megill under Soke Raymond Hayes
103-a Dundast St.
W. Whitby, Ontario
Phone: (905)666-2878
Dojo E-Mail:

Manawatu Hapkido
Rangiora Community Hall
Rangiora Ave.
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Phone:NZ (06) 356-1871
Web Site: Manawatu Hapkido

L.P.E. Martial Arts Sciences
Leslie Erickson
5141 rue Saint Hubert, Montréal
Québec, Canada, H2J - 2Y26
Phone: (514) 855-1030

Peaceful Warriors Institute Martial Arts
1625 Tecumseh Road East Windsor,
Ontario Canada N8W 1C6

Studio Gym Knopf
Im Brentenwäldle 1 (Am Radstadion)
71126 Gäufelden - Öschelbronn
Deutschland (Germany)
00 49 (0) 7054 8705

Ranger's Martial Arts Studio
Shihan Guy Ranger
152 Cedar Street
South Timmins
Ontario Canada
(705) 267-2500

Andrius Staniulis
Str. Kalpoko13-4
Kaunas City


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