Style List
Competitive Rules of the Duels

Basic Conditions
4In Bulgarian Kempo the competitive duel has an absolute character and is conducted without the presence of weight categories.
4All referees are obligated to be dressed in judo-gi, karate-gi or Bulgarian Kempo clothing with a belt corresponding to their state. The form is also compulsory for the representatives and coaches of the teams, participating in the referee commissions.
4The duel begins with the command of the head referee: “Pochin!”. The duel is discontinued with the command “STOP!”. The end (the definite termination) is marked with the hit of a gong and the command of the head referee: “Stop!”.
4To the competitive duels are admitted competitors dressed in judo-gi, karate-gi or Bulgarian Kempo clothing (always white in colour) with a belt corresponding to their state.
4When any problems occur with the clothing during a fight as well as with received injuries, the duel can be interrupted for 5 minutes at the most, with the aim to eliminate the irregularities or to give first aid.
4The duration of the duels is 2 rounds of 2 minutes “absolute time”. The final duels are conducted in 2 rounds of 3 minutes. In the case of a tie the competitors are weighted and the victory is for the lighter one. When the weight norms are the same, there is an additional 2-minute duel, after which the referees make their decision for the final winner. The better technique and the better spirit are tolerated during the duel. In such a case, the finals follow the scheme: 3min.+ 3min.+2min.

4“Razbiti tront” (tameshiwari breaking) is conducted before the quarterfinals, the semifinals, and the finals in the masters division. In occasions when the weight of the competitors is the limit of the norms, the victory is bestowed to the one who has broken more boards. An additional duel is conducted if the quantity of broken boards is the same.
4A permissible difference in the weight categories up to 85kg is 5 kg. The victory is bestowed to the lighter one in a weight difference more than 5kg. In occasions when the competitors are heavier than 85kg. the permissible difference is 7kg. When a greater difference exists, it is the lighter one who wins.
4The actions of the competitors are estimated in three categories: “premija” – 1 point; “grand premija” – 2 points; “pobeda” – 4 points.
4The victory is given to the competitor who realizes 4 point faster than all the others, disregarding the number of the rounds.

Zones attacked with leg hits:
4The head (except an attack in the nape of the neck);
4The neck (except an attack in the throat);
4The chest;
4The stomach;
4The side parts of the body;
4The shoulders;
4In front of the shoulders;
4Both sides of the thighs and the shin-bones;

Zones attacked with arm hits:
4The chest;
4The stomach;
4The side parts of the body (up to the armpits);
4The shoulders;
4In front of the shoulders;
4Both sides of the thighs and the shin-bones;

What is allowed:
4The use of standard protectors of the shin-bones and the foot (only for the participants in the Student division)
4Free attack in the head and the neck with circular kicks with a leg (“kochi” is not allowed)
4Free attack in the head with a leg kick with a jump (“kochi” is not allowed)
4Free attacks in the area of the corps of the body
4Kicks with a fist, palm, edge of the palm, elbow and knees
4The kicking of the thighs and the shin-bones of the opponent
4Throwing, pulling down attacks and keys of the hands and the legs (excluding the fingers) in both standing and ground positions
4Techniques for suffocation in both standing and ground positions
4Catch of the neck of the opponent with the palm of only one hand and in attacks with an elbow and with a knee

4Kicks with a knee in conditions of a capture of a hand, of a lapel or in a simultaneous capture of a hand and a lapel (a kick with a 2-hand capture of the neck or the lapels is not allowed)
4A kick with the elbow in the corps and the thighs in condition of a capture with one hand, as well as in condition of a capture with both hands

The last two allowed techniques are a special trait of Bulgarian Kempo, which differentiates the Bulgarian style from all other martial arts disciplines, which have competitive rules.

What is forbidden:
4The use of protectors for the zones in front of the armpits
4Hits or the marking of hits with hands in the head, neck and throat
4Hits or the marking of hits with head in the head of the opponent
4Hits with head in the corps of the body and bending of the head to a mid-level position
4Straight-line hits with legs in the head, the neck and the throat when a support exists (the supporting leg is on the tatami)
4Straight-line hits with legs with a jump in the zones of the neck and the throat
4Hits in the back and the nape of the neck
4Hits in the elbow joint of the captured hand
4Hits in the knee joint of the captured leg
4An attack or the marking of an attack in the zone of the groin, the throat, the back, the nape of the neck and the feet
4Hits in the fingers and in the joints of the fingers
4Hits in the knee joints and the knee caps of the opponent
4Dangerous throwing that can cause severe injuries of the opponent
4Capturing and holding on to the opponent without technical actions for more than three seconds
4Leaving the designated dueling area

The following actions are not permitted:
4Passive dueling
4Attempts to protest against the decisions of the referees
4Refusal to immediately obey the referees
4Attacks after the commands “STOP”
4Start of the duel after being late with more than a minute
4Breaking of the discipline, rude, unethical conduct towards the opponent, the participants in the competitions, the referees and the spectators

!!! All clarifications of the rules and their complete analysis are necessarily realised during referee seminars, as well as in the day of the arrival of the competing teams when regular championships are carried out!!!

Bulgarian Kempo

Bulgarian Kempo is a modern Budo style (branch) which harmonically combines the strength, sharpness, solidity and flexibility in an active environment of an actual fight. It is characterized by a rational and effective structure which is set apart by a perfect rhythm and thorough a combination of striking and throwing techniques in a conditions of different types of capture.

It treasures all the positive traits of the traditional wrestling - profound working off of basic techniques, form, duel, strict discipline and ritual.
In ancient times wise men shared that a person who manages to become acquainted to himself has managed to become acquainted to God. Getting to know himself in the world of the martial art of Bulgarian Kempo, a person learns how to gain a victory not only by “guessing” the intentions of the opponent but by neutralizing the negative premises that create the conditions of an aggressive fight. A person who has managed to master the genuine martial art is well-balanced and self-confident. He isolates the typical fear and does not feel the need to demonstrate bellicosity and aggression. The insecurity creates preconditions for a person to go into a negative state. In many cases it can activate aggressive actions, leading to addressing of threats to the people around, moreover to physical actions, a direct reflection of spiritual weakness. The security leads to the realization of the sense of self and human dignity. On the other hand, it provokes restraint in certain actions. It lets some definite psychological and mental states to get activated and also to act properly in the possibly most critical circumstances.
Bulgarian Kempo pays great attention to the balanced growth of the spirit and the body and to the unlocking of the human virtues like fidelity, frankness, nobility, honesty, bravery, courage and honor These are virtues which play a great role in the process of the physical and mental strengthening of the one who practise.

The art of self-defence using the traditional bulgarian weapon "Goat's horn" is one of the basic characteristics of Bulgarian Kempo

Everyone who has accepted the responsibility to follow the martial way of Bulgarian Kempo has to work to acquire a high quality of technical master and physical condition as well as to maintain the moral virtues of the School. They define his demeanor not only while studying but in life, too.
The tuition in Bulgarian Kempo unites several stages of preparation of the fighters and concurrently elevates them to a new state, which represents a peculiar beginning of the next link on the way of the mastering.
Reaching that phase of growth, the true fighter understands that the process of training seems just now to begin. Very often a number of self-reliant fighters change thoroughly their view of the nature of the fight. This is a special moment of “transformation” during which they find for themselves the truth they longed and searched for.

The one who has attained that stage has succeeded in understanding that the Way of the education in Bulgarian Kempo is boundless. At the same time, to continue walking you need to unite with the tiredness of the physical and mental tension, with the pain of the reality of the fight, with the will that will give you strength to go ahead, with the steadiness which will help you get up every time after you fall and with that divine energy of the heart, which connects us to infinite strength of the Mother Nature, guiding us to the True way to harmony and good.
Velin Hadjolov(V Dan)
Founder of
Bulgarian Kempo
Philosophy, mental and physiological
preparation of the fighters in
Bulgarian Kempo

The philosophy of Bulkempo incarnates the free spirit if the Thracian soldiers, the power and strength of the Asparuh horsemen /cavalrymen/ ,the bravery and firmness of the Slavonic fighters.
“The perpetual thread of life” , well – known to our forefathers /ancestors/ is a characteristic symbol to the external expression as well as to internal expression of the style.

The eight half – catenaries are weaved specifically. The thread of life is without beginning and in the same time it is endless – a sign of the eternal and endless life.
In the Bulgarian style this symbol embody the unending motion of the endless way of the martial art. During its scaning the man reveals that each one of the half – catenaries creates an emotion of unending motion ,which borders on boundlessness.
In accordance with this, in the real essence of Bulkempo there are no winners.
The external expression of the style is remarkable for its perfect rhythm and virtual combination of punching and throwing techniques, techniques of detain, fighting, suffocation and lock of the opponent.

The Bulkempo fighters adopt “The perpetual thread of life’ as an ideological and spirit base in the process of improvement. As a results it will help them to find the strength to stand up after each of their falls, to go forward , eliminating the feeling of their own significance and to connect them with the boundless power of the Universum , showing the real way to the harmony and goodness.
In internal aspects the techniques of Bulkempo are attracting of power and energy between the students as well as between the students and the Nature.
They are in the uninterrupted interaction. In the situation of correct realization of the techniques , concern the rhythm , spirit, and harmony they develop a number of virtues. The students unlocked their internal reserves , unconscious until this moment. They help to the sincere expression of the generosity, mercy, faith and love.

Concurrently, in the philosophy of the Bulgarian martial art are preserved all of the historical virtues and indestructible fighting qualities, which are peculiar and magical unification of the Bulgarian fighting hero spirit. They help for the formation of an unshakable will and firm character, which supports the valor, honesty and love towards the Fatherland as a supreme ideal and symbol-credo of the one who practice.
In the basis of the emblem of Bulgarian Kempo is set the principle of trinity, symbolizing the three basic directions of movement in the fighting style. Simultaneously, the Golden Lion takes a primary position in it, being a double symbol of the sun and the moon, of good and evil. It represents the brilliance and power of the sun in its zenith. It embodies the fiery beginning, the might, the power, the firmness and the justice.
The Lion symbolizes spiritual aspiration, advancement and knowledge, valor, fortitude and energy.
In Christianity it is considered that the lion sleeps with open eyes and because of this it is an expression of vigilance, spiritual alertness and adamancy. It is the “all-seeing sun”, the will, the feelings and the creative beginning. The lion is magnanimity, honor and nobility.
In accordance to the philosophy of the Bulgarian style, in the emblem of Bulgarian Kempo, the Golden Lion also symbolizes the “transformation of the plain metal into gold”, i.e. the transfiguration of the soul, the restoration of the original purity of the human nature. It is life, light, truth and fire.

Basic Directions in Bulgarian Kempo

Bulgarian Kempo is an universal sharp contact martial style, which is structured in three basic directions:

Bulgarian Kempo as a martial art


The constructive process of the development of the personality as well as the necessity to be influenced in an equal way to the body of the human, to the soul and to his spirit are set in the basic principles of the Bulgarian martial style. The process of growth and mastering in Bulgarian Kempo depends mainly on the efforts, done by every one who practices, aspiring to master and acquire certain habits. Because of this in the Bulgarian martial arts a complex of instructions and principles is used, directed towards the development of high moral qualities in the people who make this martial art part of their life. The spiritual growth in Bulgarian Kempo is attained by reaching those principles and the actual practical mastering by subsequent and hard learning of the martial art.

The sharp contact is one of the basic characteristics of Bulgarian Kempo

As a system, Bulgarian Kempo contains in itself all of the elements of the traditional fight: basic technics, form (fight with an imaginary opponent) and duel. The discipline is the basic component, which is present in each element and simultaneously is an incorporating link between them. Combined with the traditional ritual it transforms Bulgarian Kempo not into an usual fight, but into a Way for mastering of the personality, which can be followed in a lifetime.

Vyadya : "Pastir"

It is necessary to mention, that one of the supreme links in that direction is the fight – in its real dimensions. The fighter goes through different stages of preparation to reach that one.
In connection to that, in Bulgarian Kempo exists the so called “sport stage”, which is an unbreakable part of the education and supports the complete mastering of the fighter. The “sport stage” is a little and at the same time an important part in the system of Bulgarian Kempo because it helps for the learning of the mechanism of the complete self-control it the fight, typical for the Bulgarian martial art.

Physical, mental and physiological mastering with a direction towards the development of flexibility and strengthening of the organism


This direction can also be practiced by people in advanced age. It helps for their physical strengthening and consequently it is a peculiar form of mental and physiological relaxation, based on breathing techniques, typical for Bulgarian Kempo.

Bulgarian Kempo is remarkable with it's unique methods stretching and fitness

Safety and Survival


This direction of Bulgarian Kempo is developed in two trends:
- Self-defense – self-defense of the personality in extremal situations. This part includes an entire program for self-defense in different conditions. The principles and the basic forms of self-defense with different types of blank and fire-arm weapons in immediate closeness are considered thoroughly.

Typical for that level is the consideration of a number of preventive measures as well as “mental keys” for the timely neutralization of aggressive behavior in various models of extremal situations.
- Specialized system for the preparation of the special subdivisions of the security and guard services, the army and the police. This part of the third direction of Bulgarian Kempo forms the specialization and establishment of special knowledge, skills and habits and automated mental and fighting states. It looks thoroughly into the unnoticeable, hidden details and specifics of the operational – tactical situation, in which the special teams from the army, the police, the security and guard services act.The character of their professional occupation requires ict and highly specialstrized attitude towards the methods as well as towards the way of preparation.
In connection to that the third direction of Bulgarian Kempo has exactly defined professional orientation and is a subject of attention from national structures with specialized normatively accepted functions, which basic point is the protection of the country , protection of life, justice, legality and the harmonic relations between people.

"Take the initiative" is a part of the fighting models of Bulgarian Kempo. It takes place in the preparation of the special forces of army and police, security services.

Specifics of the Practicing Process
and the Mental and Physiological Preparation in
Bulgarian Kempo

In every person are set a number of defense habits, basing the natural reaction of the organism. In some occasions, they are often revealed unconsciously in extremal situations. The so called mechanism of “emergency reaction” exists. It is directly connected to the functions of the brain And is “switched on” in moment of a certain danger. This mechanism is possible to be activated and additionally developed. This is achieved by consequent and systematic practices in the School of Bulgarian Kempo.
This is a special type or better stage of education, which plays a very important role in the process of understanding, development and going out of an extremal situation. It includes the creation of series of models of replayed situations, which unlock the necessary reflex and immediate reply in our reactions as a result of a special sense and feeling.

A great role in such kind of education plays the sense of the real pain and suffering, which could carry the possible situation. In occasions when the pain and the unpleasant feeling have been saved to the one who practice , in them it is formed a queer model of reaction, which is sentenced to failure in normal conditions.
The creative imagination is another effective way for the unlocking of the reflexes in extremal situations. The developed operative imagination activates the intuition. When combined with additive mental and physical straining , it activates it in time. As a result the necessary complex of defense actions is activated.
The education through the so called “fighting models” (“fighting dominants”) has a valuable trait – it does not disappear or is not being forgotten. It is saved at the level of subconsciousness and in the so called “muscle memory”.
The dominants do not appear during active work, but exist permanently at a subconscious level. They are a peculiar mechanism of transition from the memory to the subconsciousness.
One of the specifics of Bulgarian Kempo is the realization of a practice process, based on a similar program. Through this method of work is aimed the “switching off” of the mind.

In a extremal situation the so called “ ready program” is better to appear. This is a state, at which the one and only developed automatism acts, trained by the series of dominants (models). At this state, only the “felt” information reaches the muscle groups in the form of a fighting command, which “switches off” the logical processes.
In condition of death danger, the desire for life activates some innate instincts, reflexes and skills that nobody suspects. As more are the “felt” (experienced in reality) “models“, as more are the ways for mobilization of our inborn reserves.
Velin Hadjolov (V Dan)
Founder of
Bulgarian Kempo

Representatives of the
National Federation Bulgarian Kempo

Nikolay Georgiev
^ Honorary President of the National Federation Bulgarian Kempo
^ Honorary V Dan in Bulgarian Kempo
^ Representative of Bulgaria on the Second Congress of the World Martial Arts Union in 2003, South Korea
^ He has been awarded the title “Honorable Citizen” of the city of Chungju – the “Mecca of marital arts” in South Korea on the October 6th 2003. The official prize and the honorary badge have been personally handed to him by Mr. Sii Yong Lii – mayor of Chungju and cofounder of the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU).

Velin Hadjolov
^ Founder of the Bulgarian style
^ V Dan in Bulgarian Kempo
^ II Dan Shotokan Karate-do
^ II Dan full-contact

- 1996 – National Police Karate-do Championship:
- Second place /kumite/
- Second place /kata/

- 1998 – National Police Karate-do Championship
- First place /kumite/

- 1998 National Police Kick-boxing Championship (low kick version)
- First place

- 1998 European FUDOKAN KARATE-DO Club Championship
- Second place /enbu/
- Third place /kumite/

- 2000 - National Dju-djitsu Champion

- 2001 - Second place in the First Absolute World Agni Kempo (Russian Kempo) Championship

- 2002 - National Dju-djitsu champion

- 2003 - For the first time he demonstrates the specifics of Bulgarian Kempo during the Sixth World Martial Arts Festival in Korea. The representative of the Bulgarian team, lead by him, was awarded a gold medal of “Honor”.The Bulgarian team was accepted as a full member of the World Martial Arts Union.

Biography :

Date of birth: May 31st 1970; Place of birth: Zlatograd.
During the period 1980-1983 practices free-style wrestling in a youth school in his native town. He practices actively sport gymnastics and acrobatics from 1983 to 1987. In 1987 he starts his development in the sphere of martial arts.
He is a fighter with competitive and teaching experience of many years. He is distinguished for his ceaseless impulse for purity, effectiveness, universality and harmony of the technical skills.
Master-expert Velin Hadjolov works actively for the formation and mastering of the fighters, who have accepted the destiny to follow the Way of Bulgarian Kempo worthily and to affirm the valor, the honor and the love towards the Homeland as a supreme ideal.
In 2003 Velin Hadjolov receives a personal invitation from Mr. Sii Young Lii – mayor of Chungju and cofounder of the World Martial Arts Union, to present on the World Union his Bulgarian style of play differing with dynamism and sharpness from the rest of the Slavonic martial arts.
Master-expert Velin Hadjolov demonstrated techniques of fight with the traditional Bulgarian Weapon Goat Horn for the first time in front of leading martial arts grand-masters during the sixth Martial Arts Festival. The Bulgarian team, lead by him was awarded a gold medal for “Honor”. The style of Bulgarian Kempo received world recognition and was accepted as a full member of the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU).
Rangs and symbolism
of the colour belts in the system of education:

* 10th chin White belt

In Bulgarian Kempo the white belt represents purity, innocense, chastity. It is also a symbol of a new life being born. In Christianity the white colour is associated with the cleared soul, innocense, light and undebouchness.

* 9th chin White belt with one green band

* 8th chin White belt with two green bands

* 7th chin White belt with three green bands

* 6th chin White belt with green core
Green is the colour made from the mixture of blue and yellow, i.e. from the sky and the earth. The green is an esoteric colour. It combines the cold blue light of the intellect and the emotional warmness of the yellow sun. It expresses security, prosperity and calmness.
Every student who manages to defend the requirements for the 6th student degree (green belt) unlocks a singular psychological condition, which is an unchangeable part of the Way of the Warrior. The green is a basic colour characteristic of the rang system in Bulgarian Kempo. Having in mind the organic connection of the Bulgarian martial art (Bulgarian Kempo) with the Christianity, it should be mentioned that the colour of green is a symbol of the spring verdure, it means immortality and hope. The green colour symbolizes the growth of the Holy Spirit. During the Middle ages the green is connected to the Holy Trinity, and St. Joan .

* 5th chin White belt with green core and one red band

* 4th chin White belt with green core and two red bands

* 3rd chin White belt with green core and three red bands

* 2nd chin White belt with red core
The student of Bulgarian Kempo enters the final period of the First part of the education. The red is the zenith of the colours of the rainbow. It represents the male; the active beginning. It expresses passion, ardor, energy, faith and magnanimity. The colour of red symbolizes the glow of the day as a contrast with the black night. It is activity, creative energy and life, divinity and dignity. In the Christianity the red is a symbol of the passionate faith,love, dignity and fearlessness. 2nd student degree is a specific stage at which the acquired knowledge, skills and habits during the hole education join together to an integrated mechanism, which unlocks specific fighting characteristics in the physiological and mental state of the fighter of Bulgarian Kempo.

* 1st chin White belt with red core and silvery band
At that degree the student stage of the education in Bulgarian Kempo is finished.
A specific sign of that degree is the silvery band, which is placed at the width of the belt. It crosses the red one in length and symbolizes completeness of the student stage.
The colour of silver is the colour of the moon. It is a symbol of “cleared feelings” and concurrently has transitory character. As a colour of the moon, the silvery band embodies the female beginning and the possibility something new to be born. It appears to be the connecting link the student stage and the mastering.

* Master degree – 1st dan Red belt with green core and golden band
This belt unites all the stages of the education up till now. The green core symbolizes the unstopping growth, the becoming of a stronger person, prosperity and calmness. In the Christianity the colour of green is connected with the Holy Trinity, which does matter for the master degree in Bulgarian Kempo – the stage at which the trinity – body – soul – spirit searches real dimensions.
The red colour in the master degree as a zenith of the colours of the rainbow is a peculiar reveal of honor, faithfulness, nobility, boldness and creative force. The specific sign of the master degrees is the golden band. The golden colour is a symbol of the sun, the godlike power, the brilliance of the enlightenment and immortality. It represents the ripeness of the harvest. For Omir the golden as a colour is the connection between the earth and the sky.
In the master degree in Bulgarian Kempo the golden band symbolizes the transformation of a plain metal into gold, i.e. the transformation of the soul, the restore of the original purity of the human nature. It is life, light, truth, fire and honor.


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