Prof.Dr.M.I.TIANERO 000157-2010 -Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Martial Arts Short Biography of Prof.M.I.Tianero

Soke Mohammad Tianero studied since childhood year 1963-64 the style of Filipino Arnis stick fighting. He studied also boxing. At his teenage he formally studied the styles of Shorin Ryu Karate under Sensei N.Sun of the Commando Karate.. And further pursued advance studies of martial arts under Sensei A.Sinai in hand to hand combat and Kobudo Weapons.He studied with his brother Ali Tianero the style of Combat Wing Chun and Aiki-Jutsu..

M.I.Tianero also studied under the Sphinx Martial Arts in Kungfu,Tai-Chi, Yoga Krusanti.He studied also at the Red Cobra Self Defense Dojo under Master Filomino U. Boot and Master Mansueto Lamoreno in Combat Kyokushinkai, Moo Do kwan, Kick-Boxing and Arnis Abesedario Stick Fighting and Knife Self Defense .He further studied advance Arnis Style of Siete pares under the secret teaching of Master Esmeralda with the recommendation of Master Boot. He trained and studied Double X-Combat Judoka under Master Ibrahim Patagan, a Criminal Investigation Self-Defense Instructor in the Philippine Army, Camp Crame Headquarters,Philippines.

M.I.Tianero further expanded his knowledge in Martial Arts in mastering different styles of Chinese Kungfu with exceptional dedication under two Masters originally from the Chinese Temple heritage( Deceased ). Master Cheng Wei Chao and Master Kao Tao Li which shared their wisdom in martial Arts to M.I.Tianero .. As an exchange knowledge of both martial artists with combine instruction in Chinese Wing-Chun Kickboxing with Sigung Brandon F. Sudario same as he give instruction for other techniques to Sigung Brandon. Also he got instruction the style of Combat Aikido thru Sensei Jess Benga which is a direct student of Grandmaster Monching Gavileno,Founder of the International Combat Aikido Federation.

Therefore, M.I.Tianero was able to complete a wide range of styles in Shaolin Training, Northern and Southern combination, Learning and Mastering Forms and discipline.

M.I.Tianero, needed his martial arts skills to fulfill his duties and responsibilities, therefore joined the Sivananda Hari-Khrisna Yoga Center to learn Yoga as a Way of life, and Integrated System of Education for the Body, Mind and Inner Spirit. This art of right living was perfected and practice in India thousand of years ago, but Yoga deals with universal truths, the teaching are as valid today as they were in ancient times. Yoga is a union with all.

As for his martial arts achievement, he trained the Special Forces of the Secret Intelligence for Anti-Crime Prevention Unit. He was voted and selected by different Masters and Grandmasters of Martial Arts to organize martial Arts groups in different styles and discipline in Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore, Palau of Marianas Pacific Island and Saudi Arabia. He also both working and teaching in Saipan ,a U.S. Territory to conduct martial arts training and seminar and to further advance knowledge of Martial Arts techniques from other Grandmasters. For the past 38 years of training and experience in martial arts he was awarded, examined ,tested his arts and awarded by numerous masters and grandmasters, associations and organization as A Supreme Grandmaster.

Grandmaster Prof. Dr. M.I.Tianero current martial arts activities as the Legitimate Founder of the World Organizer of Martial Arts as the mother organization of what he founded other martial arts organization. With the creation of WOMA USA-World Organizer of Martial Arts was founded in 1989 and later registered and approved by the Secretary of State of Delaware in Wilmington, Delaware,USA. In the year 2002 it was also registered in the Phil. Government SEC-Securities and Exchange Commission as an International Council for Martial Arts Higher Education.

WOMA USA was formed to establish Unity and Brotherhood amongst martial artist and recognized by the World Martial Arts Associations worldwide. It promotes Leadership, Unity, Respect and diligently works towards improving abilities as well as oneís state of mind in martial arts. It provides assistance to all martial arts and clubs worldwide to be recognized by the international martial arts groups and links between Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Filipino martial arts practitioners to exchange knowledge and research among other martial arts and to promote friendship and mutual cooperation of all martial arts styles/discipline.

All his Awards ,certificates,recognitions and affiliations and Special Power of Authority needed,please kindly ask direct to Soke Tianero and will be send thru email.


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