India Yoga Sciece University

Higashi College

Chinese Wushu College

University of Beijing

Indina College of Oriantal Medicene

California State University of Sacramento ( TKMS )

University of California Davis ( TKMS )

George Washington University Inc.

North China University of Sience and Technolegy

International University of Martial Arts Science

University of New York ( GP )

World College of Natural Healing & Martial Arts Sciencs

International University of higher Martial Arts Education

International University of Sports and Martial Arts Science

International University of Martial Arts and Sports Science

India University of higher Martial Arts Education

University of Dehli

American College of Martial Sciece

Azerbaijan State University

First International Martial Arts University

Indiana College of Sport Science

Health and Fitness Universal Instructor College

Alliance of Natural Health

Pacific School of Corrective Therapy and Physical Culture

The Old Chinese Acupuncture Academy

Tardional Chinese Medicine Academy

Inernational Bujutsu University

Universal University of the Arts

University of Law Enforcement

China Health Care Institute

Army Physical Training College

National College of Martial Arts

Middle East & West Asia University of Martial Arts

Indiana Martial Arts University

Zhong Shan University / China

Guang Dong Light Industrie Higher Professional Technical Training College

Myong University/ Korea

College of Yoga Scieces

North China Institute of Science & Technology

China Govement Comunist Party University

Chinese Wushu College of Martial Arts

Iran Martial Arts University

Harvard University Inc.

Wudang Daoist Martial Arts College

Charitable Hospital

Assumption University of Thailand

Taiwan Scientific Acupuncture Institute

International Council for Martial Arts Higher Education

Chinese Dental & Acupuncture Institute

United States Black Belt University

Mudo College of Martial Arts

Indian University of Yoga

Eagle Tiger University

Universal Instructor College

Wilhelm Busch Gymnasium

Universität Hagen

Universal Martial Arts University

American Freedom University

International Martial Arts University

University of Martial Arts Florida

Nippon National College of Martial Arts

Martial Arts Science Education Advisory Council

and many regional Colleges and Universitys


Shaolin Temple

Ye Rim Won Korean Buddhist Tempel

Lhung Sil Lum Tempel

Imperial Tempel of Japan

Spiritual & Physical Zen Tempel

White Crane Tempel

Shaolin Si Tempel

Bo Mun Sa Tempel

Zendo Tempel

Budalabou Heaven´s Lake Temple/ Tibet

Ching Moo-Zen Tempel

Tian Hsiao Moslem Gung Fu Tempel

Wu Dao Tempel

Bharatiya Yoga Vidyalaya

Wudangshan Temple

Saeng Temple

Temple Institute's of Martial Arts

Xiaolin Temple

Tempel Kwai

Universal Life Tempel

Bachi-Ki-Do Kwoon Tempel

Officals, Departments & Offices:

White House in Washington

Royal House of Saudi Arabia

Royal House of Kingdom of Ghana

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport

Department of Health and Human Service

Prince of Saudi Arabia Royalhouse

Presidentshouse of the Philippines

World Human Rights Service Council ( UN Office )

The Sultanate Of Sulu

Mitvet for Humanity Association

Washington Embassy

Shaolin Si Wushu Departmen/ Henan

Ministery of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan

Prince Special Council for Sports & Martial Arts

President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

Technical Advisory Council Committee

World Medical Support Services Team Member

Balochistan Olympic Association

Ministery of Youth & Sports of Azerbaijan

Iran/ Theeran Embassy

Land Niedersachsen

Presidential Security Service of Uzbekistan Republic

International Olympic Commitee Asian

Amateur Athletic Association

Russia Olympic Commitee

Sports and Culture Department of Poland

Bureau Of Immigration Department Of Justice

Cambodian Martial Arts Games Committee ( Phnom Penh/ Kambodia )

India Olympia Association

China Mount Wudang Cultural & Kung Fu Research Association

Security Department of Uzbekistan

National Kongress of Kazakhstan

Behinderten- und Versehrten-Sportverband


Russian Ministry of Defense

Educational Center of Incorporated Military Commissariats/ Moscow

Behinderten- & Rehabilitationsverband

Civil Law Department of Constitution Court in Azerbaijan

Government Service

USA Freedom Corps

Enforcement and Investigation Division

Arpan Care Hospital Foundation

Deutsches Patent- Markenamt

Deutsche Bundestag

WONMP Clinics for Humanity

World Association of Education

Alliance of Natural Health

Commission On Higher Education (CHED) Philippines

National & Community Service

National Olympic Committe of Armenia

Embassy of the Philippines

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration - Saudi Arabia Eastern Region Operations

Presidency for Youth Welfare-Head Office

and any other Mayor Offices, State Departments etc.

Military, Police and Protection Service:

United States Army

Polnishe Staatsvereinigung

Defense Ministry Russion Federation

Special Law Enforcement and Military Security Advisory Council

Spetznaz - Russian Special Forces

US Airbone Division

Polnish Trainer Association of Uniformed Services

Central Intelligence Agency Association

Beijing National Police Department

International Academy of Executive Protection Agents

Azerbaijan Elite Spezmaz Division

Confederate Sheriffs Association

Int. Police Tactics Instructors Association

Army Officers Training Academy

National Police Academy

SWAT National Training Center

West African Counter Terrorist Group

Russian Ministry of Military

Special Security Council Special Operations vom Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Special Marine Forces der Armed Forces Royal Saudi Marines

International Tactical Authority Committee - India

International Association for Security Professionals & Counter Terrorism

Office for the Study of Conflict and Tactics

Azerbaijan Military Academy

International Security Association

Army Physical Training College

Russian Ministry of Defense

Educational Center of Incorporated Military Commissariats/ Moscow

Protection Service of Iran/ Theheran Embassy

Presidential Security Service of Uzbekistan Republic

Company Crisis Management

Armenian Association of Counter Terror and Protaction “Kamando”

Tactical & Combat Training ( Counter Terrorism Ops )

Berufsverband für Veranstaltungssicherheit Deutschland e.V.

World-Anti-Terror & Alfa Foundation

Marine Comando

Goa Police

Security Department of Uzbekistan

Special Operation Council & Special Security Council

International Security and Defence Academy

International Police Tactics Instructor Association

East West Bodyguard Alliance

Russia Military Training Centre

Police Taiho Jutsu Institute

Air Base,Armed Forces of the Philippines

Enforcement and Investigation Division

National Police District Office

Police Martial Arts Association

Police Military Cambat Close Quarter Association

LOK Staatssicherheits-Vereinigung Polen

Armed Forces Royal Saudi Marines

Bureau Of Jail Management And Penolog Department

“Blackmaster Commando” of the Special Marine Forces

Special Forces Battalion

Maharashtra Police

University of Law Enforcement

Central Police Organization

Combat Forces Tactics Institute

Confederate Air Force

National Intelligence Agency

National Intelligence Academy

National Law Enforcement Training Center

International Security Services Civil Security Group

Security Agencies and Guards Supervision Division

Special Forces and Police

Brazilian Police and Mariens

National Intel. And Security Authority ( Nisa )

Canadian Police Department

Swiss Guards - Vatican Protection

Japanese Special Forces

KAMANDO - Association of Counter Terror and Protection

Bureau Of Jail Management And Penology , Manila City Jail

Intelligence And Enforcement Group, Bureau Of Customs

Singapore Police

Department Of Justice

National Bureau Of Investigation

Saudi Air Force Ministary of Aviation

World Personal Protection and Anti Terror Friendship Network

Internationalen Bodyguard Union / England

Saudi Naval Warrant Office

Bodyguard Elite Professional Association

Security Training Academy & Professionel Bodyguard Academy

Security Training Elite

Saudi Police Law Enforcement Office

US Bountyhunter Association

International School of Strategy and Tactics

Special Security Council of Saudi Arabia

Aktionsgemeinschaft für Sicherheit und Fortschritt

Internationalen Security and Bodyguard Organisation

Hand to Hand Fighting ( Ukraine Military )

Armenian Association of Counter Terror and Protection

Saudi Marine Special Forces-Military

AFP-Armed Forces of the Philippines

International Security Bodyguard Alliance

Soke & Founder Councils:

World Family of Sokeship Council

Global Society of Founders and Grandmasters Foundation

World Head of Society Japan

World Soke Headquarter – Japan

Christian Sokeship Federation

Inner Circle of Soke

World Organizer of Martial Arts Sokeship Society

United Sokeship Alliance International

International Chung Do Kwan Grandmasters Council

World Ambassador of Martial Arts

World Jug-Tai Head Society

International Grandmaster Society

Caritative Organizations :

World Human Rights Service Council ( UN Office )



World Medical Support Services Team Member

Mitvet for Humanity Association

Behinderten- und Versehrten-Sportverband


Behinderten- & Rehabilitationsverband

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

SOS Kinderdorf

Care Health Foundation

Amnesty International


World Health Organization


Blessed Gérard's Pflege- und Sozaialzentrum

Organization, Federations, Associations
Instituts, Academies and other:

§ Shaolin Athletic Association

§ World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners

§ International Martial Arts Research Institute Malysia/ Sarawak

§ Traditional Chinese Medicine Federation

§ Central Wushu Guan

§ Okinawa Karate-Do Goju-ryu Association

§ Nishiyama Karate-Do Goju-Kai

§ Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Seiwa-Kai

§ Singapore National Wushu Federation

§ World Sports & Leisure Association

§ Shaolin Warrior Monks Training Center

§ Wirtschafts-Bildungsinstitut

§ International Black Belt Club & Instructor Registry

§ World Ving Tsun Athletics Association

§ Wong Fei Hung Alumni Association

§ Deutschen VIP Vereinigung e.V.

§ World Boxing Council - Iran

§ High Council Special Council Committee

§ Unarmed Commando Institute

§ Police Martial Arts Association

§ World Wide Martial Arts Hall of Fame

§ International Martial Arts Research & Information Center

§ World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame

§ Cosmopolitain Hall of Fame

§ Action Martial Arts Magazin Hall of Fame

§ Budo International Hall of Fame

§ Deutschen Wu-Shu Bund e.V.

§ Internationalen Wu-Shu Organisation e.V.

§ Budokaikan International Federation of Martial Arts

§ Bushi Ryu Jujitsiu Kai

§ World Martial Arts Masters Organization

§ World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day

§ Wudang Wushu Association

§ Zhenzhou China Shaolin Festival

§ Int. Chiu Chi Ling Hung Gar Association

§ International Combat Bujutsu Union ( Latvia )

§ National Fitness Instructors Association

§ Belgian Kempo Organization

§ Int. Shin Gi Tai Kempo Asscociation

§ World Filipino Martial Arts Federation

§ Dong Koo Yudo Kwan Korea ( Präsident: Kang Dong Gu )

§ Heiwa Institute – Antigua

§ Institut für Budopädagogik

§ Antigua Martial Arts Federation

§ Azerbaijan „Joriyo“ Kung Fu Federation

§ Mindanao Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation

§ Black Dragon Fighting Society – Geheime Kampfkunst Bruderschaft von Ashida Kim

§ International Black Belt Registry

§ German Ching Mo Kwan Federation

§ National Ju Jitsu Federation of America

§ Lion of Judah Dojo / Okinawa, Japan

§ World Sin Moo Hapkido Association

§ Korea Hapkido Association

§ International Karate Organization Kyokushin Kai Kan Pakistan

§ Zanshin Martial Arts Association

§ Eikok-Ryu Tai-Jutsu Renmei

§ European Budo Federation

§ Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu Federation International “Shaolin Si Chuan Fa Men”

§ United States Black Belt Association

§ World Wong Fei Hung Alumi Hung gar kung Fu Federation

§ United States Muay Thai Association

§ American Combat Capoeira Association

§ International Dragon Kenpo Association

§ Monkey´s Martial Science Academy A Drago De Capoeira

§ United Warrior Association

§ WTKEMA Wing Tsun & Escrima Martial Arts Organisation

§ Singapore Karate-Do Federation

§ International Council of Ninja Society

§ Black Tiger Int. Ninja Society

§ International Kung Fu Federation

§ World Wushu Kung Fu Federation

§ Chinese Wu-Shu Kung-Fu Federation of India

§ Chinese Wushu Kung Fu Federation

§ Wing Tsun Kuen & Escrima Martial Arts System

§ Combat Self Defence Association

§ Aikido Klub “Osnivac” Sarajevo

§ International Kick Boxing Organisation

§ World Universal Combat Arts Association

§ World Martial Arts Union

§ Muay Boran Acadey Deutschland

§ Azerbaijan National Federation of Ju Jutsu

§ Russian Martial Arts Association

§ Russia Inter-Regional Martial Arts Association

§ World Mudo Academy

§ Global Hapkido Federation

§ Uzbekistan Hapkido Federation

§ Verband für Kampfsportarten

§ Internationalen Budo Do Federation

§ Zen Kokusai Magazine India

§ International Kung Fu Federation

§ Nippon Budo Kai Kokusai Renmei - Jap Martial Arts Int. Fed

§ FEKO e.V. dem Weltverband der modernen Kampfsportarten

§ United States of America Dan Registry

§ Latin-American Martial Arts Society

§ Sentou-Ryu Aiki-Jutsu

§ International Okinawa Kobudo Association

§ Aiki Ryu Ju Jitsu Kai World Hombu Dojo– Tokyo/ Japan

§ World Tae Kuk Mu Sul Federation

§ Association Marocaine de Karate-Do & des Arts du Budo
( Moroccan Association of Karate Do & Budo Arts ) Casablanca

§ Fudoshin Kai International

§ Bagong Katipunan

§ Sun Dragon Martial Arts Association FINLAND

§ International Bai Kai Kung Fu Association

§ Okinawan Kempo Karate Federation

§ World Karate & Kickboxing Union

§ Associacao Internacional de Artes e Esportes

§ Puerto Rico Combat Aikido Federation / International Registry of Martial Arts

§ North African Martial Arts Hall of Fame

§ International Security Association

§ International Federation of Modern Jiu Jitsu

§ American Combat Fighting Arts association

§ World Budo Association

§ Center of Development and Research for Martial Arts

§ Berufsverband für Veranstaltungssicherheit Deutschland e.V.

§ Sicherheits- und Sanitätsschule Schulte KG

§ Okinawa Karate Federation

§ Deutsche Iaido Vereinigung

§ Bugei Sodachi Kenkyu Kai

§ World Agni Kempo Organization

§ American Jiteryu Karate Federation

§ Filipino Tactics Combat Judo

§ Trangka Eskrido Panagang

§ Mookwoon Association

§ World Orginizer of Martial Arts USA dem Int. Council of Higher Martial Arts Education

§ World United Martial Arts Federation

§ World Ving Tsun Athletic Association

§ True Force International Martial Arts Alliance

§ Stuntschule Action & Moore.

§ World Modern Kickboxing Organization

§ International Professional Kickboxing Association

§ World Modern Kickboxing Organization

§ Bujinkan Ninjutsu Deutschland

§ Ragnist Stadium / Bangkok

§ International Philippine Martial Arts Federation

§ Federaco Portuguesa De Full Contact

§ Global Kickboxing Union

§ National Kempo Karate Federation

§ World Eskrido Federation

§ Budo Planet

§ International Tanto - Yari - Iaido Federation

§ Combat Kung Fu Society

§ Gim Do Association

§ Yukoshin Ryu Azerbaijan

§ Asian Aikido Association

§ Vereinigung deutscher Goshin Verbände

§ Deutscher Karate Fachverband

§ Kobukai

§ International Kalaripayit Institution ( Indian )

§ Tian Chuan Fa Kung Fu Martial Arts Institute

§ World Kung Shao Organization

§ Lhung Sil Lum Kung Fu Shaolin Gong Fu Institute

§ Pro Boxing Union

§ Peaceful Warrior Martial Artitst Union

§ Budo Do Kai

§ Schleslisch-Bushido-Jutsu-Kai

§ Schlesien World Federation Belgium

§ World Escrido Federation

§ Wudang Weng Shun Kuen

§ White Crane Research Institute

§ Kingdom Hapkido Society

§ Austrailian Shaolin Kung Fu & Traditional Chinese Weaponary Academy

§ International Combat Federation

§ World Sin Moo Hapkido Association

§ Dist Sports Karate Association Jalgaon

§ Slovak Goju Ryu Karate & Kobudo Union

§ International Li Cheng Kyoshu Kung Fu Association

§ World Pit Kune Do Association

§ Chinese Wushu Federation of Jalgaon

§ Maharashtra Wushu Kung Fu Association

§ San Do International

§ Fighting Brotherhood Hall of Fame

§ Bushido Budo Ryu International

§ Institute of Shotokan-Aikido Kenjutsu-Kendo-Kobudo-Aikido Council

§ Balaraw Combat Association

§ Deutscher Hankuk Moosul Veband

§ American Warrior Taekwondo Association

§ American Warrior Hakido Association

§ Shinja Martial Arts Federation

§ North American Black Belt Hall of Fame

§ Wing-Chun Infight und Shaolin Association

§ Jeet-Kune-Do Escrima-Kali Association

§ Ving Shun Martial Arts Organisation

§ Brotherhood of Warrior“ der Real Amarok Fight International

§ Argentinischen Jiu-Jitsu Bundes

§ Sado Kwon Bup National Training Association

§ International Combat Bujutsu Union

§ Yudansha Sports Commission

§ World Martial Arts Promoters Group

§ Eagle Claw – Real Combat Judo

§ Judo Arnis Karate Combat Martial Arts

§ Jeet Combat Martial Arts

§ International Tinh Vo Dao Federation

§ International Tranjitsu Federation

§ Aikido Association of Nigeria

§ Pyon Moo Sul Self Defence Federation

§ Molum Combat Arts Association

§ International Defense System Federation

§ Christian Association of Martial Arts Practitioners

§ All India Jeet Kune Do Foundation

§ International Martial Arts Federation of India

§ Non Olympic Association

§ Combat Warrior Martial Arts Association

§ Christ Mission Martial Arts Alliance

§ Krav Maga Liven International

§ Kokusai Dento Ryu Kai

§ Ninja Kobudo Deutschland e.V.

§ Associacao De Taekwondo Para Todos

§ Academy Sports of Muay Thai

§ United States Muay Thai Association

§ World Sin Moo Hapkido Association

§ International Kung Fu Fighting Association

§ International Budo Federation - India

§ International Budoshin Karate Federation

§ Martial Arts Weapon Association

§ Deutsche Organisation für Kampfkunst

§ International Taekwondo Federation Azerbajan

§ International Um Yang Kwan Hapkido Federation

§ World Traditional Hapkido Organization

§ Egyption Wushu Federation

§ Tamilnadu Wushu Kung Fu Association

§ National Level Chinese Martial Arts Sports Federation

§ SiuLam Hung Gar Kung Fu Association Italy

§ Sport Ju-Jitsu New Zealand

§ World Teakwondo Federation Negeria - Judokwan Teakwondo

§ Shaolin Hung Gar Eagle Cklaw Chang Chuan

§ International Sports Life Coaching

§ Lung Fujao Shaolin Kung Fu Association

§ Azerbaijan Hapkido Federation

§ Azerbaijan SooBahkDi Tang SooDo Federation

§ International Taekwondo Federation Azerbaijan

§ Sabunchu Sport Society

§ Modern Kalary Piyat Federation of India

§ Gihara Olympic Sangh

§ Nepal Jeet Kune Du Federation

§ Iran Body & Mind Association

§ Iran Savate Organization

§ Modern Hapkido Association Azerbaijan

§ Black Panther Consolidated Chinese Kung Fu Society

§ International Organisation of Kung Fu Sifu Council

§ Knights of Golden Dragon

§ American Jite Ryu Karate Organization

§ Red Cobra Abecedario Arnis / Espada y Daga - Escrima

§ Mongoose Cobra International

§ International Karate Union

§ Georgian National Hapkido Federation

§ Eastern European Jiu-Jitsu Community

§ Jeet Kune Do Unlimited India

§ Kakuto Ju-Jutsu Daido-Ryu

§ Bugaku Renmei (Martial Science Federation)

§ Nihon Kai Kempo Union

§ Japan – Shinseikai Full Contact Karate Association

§ World Boxing Council Iran

§ Chow Wuyi Dao Jeet Kune Do

§ F.I.S.T.

§ School of Thai Martial Arts ( Bangkok, Thailand )

§ San Do Jutsu International

§ Fighting Arts Brotherhood Hall of Fame

§ World Butthan Martial Art Federation

§ Scuola Siciliana e Italiana Capizzi

§ International Karate Do Research Association

§ Okinawa Internatioal Kobudo Australia

§ International okinawa Seishinryoku Karate Do Kobudo

§ KOBGK International – Crane-Fist – Ryukyu Kobudo

§ Crane Fist Research & Preservation Association

§ White Crane Research Institute

§ Malta Aikido Federation

§ Tiger and Dragon e.V.

Kuk mu Kwan

International Federation of Pankration

West Virginia Fighting Arts Association

World Organization of Self Defence

R.O.K.S. International

Sport Studio Martial Arts Association Bosnia and Herzegowina

Associazione Italiana Kapap

Nai-Huan-Chi Karate Union

Modern Self Defence Germany

Kim sung Karate Deutschand

German Ving Tsung Kung Fu Federation

Slovak Goju Ryu & Kobudo Union

International Li Cheng Kuoshu Kung Fu Association

World Pit Kune Do Association

Somali Martial Arts Federation

Somali Weightlifting & Bodybuilding Federation

International Kenpo Karate Germany

International Kung Fu Federation

World Organization of Self Defence

Jinghua Wushu Association

Tagou Shaolin Kung Fu International Trainer Service

International San-Jitsu Federation

Nei Wai Chia Martial Arts Association

Combat Karate-Kobudo National Federtion Amenia

Aiki Krav Maga Federation


International Kapap Association

Dennis Survival International

Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima World Federation

World Stunt Association – National Germany Director

Asia Choy Li Fut Martial Arts Combat Federation

Iran Science and Sport Institute

International Martial Arts Union of Iran

World Leagoe of Martial Arts

World Man Seer Kung Pai

International Ninjutsu Society

International Grand Masters Federation

Ital. Fil Knife Fighting Association

World Kick Boxing Alliance

Shin Budo Kenpo Kai

Chinese Health Qigong Association

Jiuzhou Dragon International Jeet Kune Do Club

Federazione Italiana Krav Maga

Komando Association of Counter Terror and Protection

Combat Karate Kobudo National Federeation

World Mutao Federation

World Organizer of Martial Arts

World Kung Fu Wushu Federation

WK 1 International Kickboxing Leauge

World All Styles Kickboxing Organization

World Free Fighting Organization

World Close Defense Art Association

§ World Tae Kuk Mu Sul Association

§ Amateur Athletic Association

§ International Sifu Federation

§ International Guro Council

§ World Budo Federation

§ East West Bodyguard Alliance

§ World Karate Union ( USA )

§ International Martial Arts Center Belgium

§ International Flying Eagle Hapkido Association

§ Dynamic Hapkido International - Singapore

§ Federation of Professional Trainers/ Pacific School of Corrective Therapy and Physical Culture

§ Sports Karate Association

§ All Martial Arts International / Belgium

§ Eastern USA International Martial Arts Assciation

§ International Gu Ping Wushu Federation

§ World Bujutsu Federation

§ International Filipino Martial Arts Association

§ International Indian Kalaripayit Institution

§ Samahang Eskrimador Ng Pilipinas

§ World Council of Jiu Jitsu Organizations

§ Worldwide Alliance of Martial Arts

§ United States Martial Artist Association

§ Universal Fighting Arts Federation

§ Eagle Tiger Federation

§ International Combat Aiki-Jutsu Federation

§ Korean Yudo & Hapkido Association ( Seoul/ Korea )

§ Golden Dragons Association - India

§ American Federation of Jujitsu of the United States of America

§ Karate International Council of Kickboxing

§ Agni Kempo Organization of Iran

§ All Styles Kick Boxing Organization of Iran.

§ Goshin Kai International

§ International Jiu Jitsu Union

§ Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Kushinkai

§ International Lion Dance Federation

§ Int. Warrior Foundation

§ Kayten-Ryu Int. Warrior Foundation ( Mugei-Mumei-No-Jutsu )

§ Valadez Kenpo Association

§ Nihon Kai Kampfkunstverbund

§ International Council of Referess and Judges

§ Board of Martial Arts Council

§ Muay Thai Union Deutschland

§ International Genkotsu-Ryu Honbu

§ World Hwa Ki Do Association

§ Pakistan Martial Arts Connection Federation

§ International League Martial Arts Masters

§ International Gu Ping Wushu Federation

§ International Sungjado Association

§ Chinese Kung Fu Wushu Federation

§ United Martial Arts Alliance / Griechenland

§ World Jung Moo – Hwa Ki Federation

§ Tunesia – Jidokwan Sports Association

§ International Jidokwan Federation

§ Cho Tsin Cho Wold Federation / Norwegen

§ Dramen Kyokushin Karate

§ World Martial Arts Writers Association

§ International Karate Union

§ World Chang Moo Kwan Association

§ World Kwa Ki Do Federation

§ Koreja Do Martial Arts / Christian Health Alliance

§ World Black Belt Organization

§ Indian Wushu Federation

§ Cambodian Martial Arts Games Committee ( Phnom Penh/ Kambodia )

§ Budo-Kai Iran

§ New Kung Fu Martial Arts Federation

§ International Kick-Thaiboxing Association ( Iran )

§ United Martial Artits Association

§ World Federation of Martial Artists

§ Zentrum für Traditionale Asiatische Bewegung, Gesundheit und Kampfkünste

§ Otso Teros Penjak Silat Arnis de Kombate

§ International Martial Arts Association Pakistan

§ Wellness & Kosmetik Institut

§ World Martial Arts Organization Alliance

§ WMAOA-Hall of Fame

§ World All Styles Kickboxing Organization

§ World All Martial Arts Organization

§ World Free Fighting Organization

§ World Close Defense Art Association

§ Internationl Kickboxing Leauge

§ WK1

§ Armenian Combat Karate-Kobudo National Federation

§ Practical Combat Association

§ Tamashii Ryu Kempo Karate-Do & Kobudo Federation

§ Tatakai Jikoboei Do Kempo

§ Kasakai International Karate Association

§ Kasa Bujutsu Martial Alliance

§ Hall of Fame International

§ International Allkampf Federation

§ United Martial Arts Union

§ International Kun Tao Penjak Silat

§ Dragon World Shaolin Kung Fu Federation

§ World Self Defense Combat Federation


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