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10.Th.Dan Karate - U.S.A
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Grandmaster Jack Stern' first started his martial arts while on occupation duty in South Korea in 1947 later training in the Kodokan in Japan and onto training in the Philippines and Okinawa.Spending 11 years of his 12 years of military service while on duty in the Far East training in Korea,Japan,Okinawa,and the Philippines. Returing to the states he first started up Paja Dojo back in early 1960 at which time he had the Korean Yudo & Hapkido Assn. as the conflict with other groups as to whom is the official representative from Korea they established WOMA was set up to assemble mixed Martial artists together regardless of their disciplines or their religious beliefs.Its goal is to "UNITE" world wide ,all Martial artists as brothers and not to fight as to which system is better or to whom one is a leader of an association. We only want to create a Brotherhood and Fraternal association.We still can keep our roots of your discipline but within our brotherhood we can network and make contacts to assist each other . We have set up our own Sokeship council for those who are founders and we have various Technical Advisors of all disciplines to help and protect each other.We will keep our standards up as to only accept legally trained martial artists not those who aquired rank by buying it from Hall of Fames or the associations that sell via mail ranks without ever testing.WE will have martial artists that wish to aquire a higher rank get promoted by one of their discipline.WE still dont approve of the associations that make money by charging you yearly fees for charters or you must attend their yearly Hall of Fame.RANKS ARE EARNED!!! NOT BOUGHT OR SOLD!.We still oppose these Hall of Fame where you pick your own catagory for an award .To me a "HALL OF FAME" is where you honor one not to buy your awards! I don't say that there isnt many great associations out there. Yes there are!! WE dont stop anyone from belonging to more than one association ,we only have a brotherhood where our members "network" world wide and exchange ideas and whatever to promote the unification of a world in which we can all live together and practice our arts without the difference of anyone's discipline being better than another,or that we could live in an association together regardless of ones color,race,creed or religious belief. I travel to many places to share my knowlege and gain more knowlege this is what we preach it is done "Not for any monetary gain or profit" but as a fraternal brotherhood. Many try to "copy" us with our words but none can come close. We only want to seek out "The Best of the Best". GM Stern is called by most "Pappasan" he holds many titles Grandmaster,Shodoshi,Soke they all sum up one thing.....he's just an "OLD SENSEI". HE brags about Ole Paja Dojo as it hosted some of the best of the Best in its 22 years history. i


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